Afia’s Gluten Free Samosas! – Review



One of my great summer memories was at Reading Festival a few years ago. I wasn’t gluten free back then but it was still surprisingly difficult to find vegan food. Luckily Waitrose was just a ten minute walk from our campsite and I found massive vegan samosas in their chilled section that I ate all weekend. Sadly a gluten free samosa is hard to come by, especially a vegan one!

Enter Afia’s, a traditional indian company that specialise in gluten free samosas, pakoras, achaar (indian pickles) and chutneys. While their range includes some meat products, five of their Samosa fillings are vegan! I recently had a chance to try some of their traditional vegetable samosas and spicy parathas so I snapped it up!

Their samosas and parathas come frozen and ready to put in your freezer. This means they’re ready to cook anytime! They also come with cooking instructions it’s pretty impossible to get wrong. I oven cooked mine as I don’t have access to a deep fat fryer. I brushed them with oil and baked them for 10 minutes as instructed and they came out absolutely beautiful.


The inside of the samosa seemed to be mainly potato but there were also peas and sweetcorn in there. It was lovely and soft with a kick from the masala spices. The pastry was something else! I would never have thought it was gluten free! Most gluten free pastry I try turns out dry and crumbly but this was crispy and made a gorgeous contrast to the filling. This is definitely something I’d eat again.


I have to admit I’d never heard of a Paratha until now. After a quick google I discovered that they could be used like a wrap and eaten with salad or any other fillings. I had mine on the side of my aubergine curry which was a good choice because I needed the rice to cool my mouth down! These wraps are made with gram flour, corn flour, potatoes, green chillis and other spices. They are extremely delicate and mine broke in the pan but this may have been because it had defrosted slightly. It was really tasty but slightly too spicy for my taste buds. I’m not known for my ability to handle spice!


What makes this company so great is the fact they can cater to all sorts of different dietary requirements. One of the ladies is coeliac herself which definitely puts my mind at ease! Next I’ll definitely be ordering more samosas and some chapatti’s too.


Have you tried Afia’s? What did you think?


How to Eat Vegan and Gluten Free at the Isle of Wight Festival – Part 2!

Quick Note:

I am currently away at Glastonbury Festival and this is a queued post. I will answer all comments on my return! 🙂

This is the second post about my vegan and gluten free food experiences at this year’s Isle of Wight festival. You can find part one here.

IOW Food3

Peckish Peacock was pretty famous amongst the vegans in our group! This colourful stand sold some amazing curry which was better than any curry I’ve tried at a festival before. The box you can see above is The Peckish Peacock Special Box which contained chickpea and spinach curry, cumin rice, pakoras and mini poppadoms. I’m not a poppadom fan but the rest was delicious and it was a huge portion for ÂŁ8! The stall also sold coconut and mango lassi which sounded nice and refreshing. I’m hoping to see Peckish Peacock again!


I found the Solace tent at last year’s festival and was glad to see it again. Solace is run by all of the local church groups on the Isle of Wight who get together and bake cakes to give out to festival goers. This year there were gluten free cakes and dairy free cakes available but sadly no vegan ones. As you can see in the picture though, there was an extensive tea menu! These cups of tea were served in real mugs and were given away for free! The tent had a lovely vibe and was full of comfy chairs, cushions and rugs to relax on. I highly recommend it.

As most vegans and coeliacs do, I always make sure I’m stocked up on snacks! My managers kindly brought along some excellent food for me to try including Clive’s Pies (some of these are gluten free and they can all be eaten cold), Vegusto Cheese and some Buckwheat crackers. I made sure I was stocked up on Nakd bars and soups that could be made with hot water. As there was a Morrisons down the road, I also snacked on fresh bananas, peaches and cherry tomatoes. I have just done my shopping for food to take to Glastonbury so I will do a full post on how to prepare for a festival very soon.

That’s it for my food roundup! Overall the Isle of Wight festival was not great for vegan/gluten free food. There were some options available though and the Morrisons was a godsend! I’ll let you know how I get on at Glastonbury!

Meatless Mondays (Chocolate) and What I Ate This Week (13th-19th May)

I’ve not been well these past few days and have been in bed with some kind of cold/flu type thing. Today I’m feeling a lot better but am behind on my blogging so I’m having to combine a couple of posts! I’ll be back to normal soon!


I’ve loved the Dark Chocolate Meatless Mondays A-Z challenge! It’s one of my favourite ingredients (obviously) so I had a hard time choosing which recipe to follow. Unfortunately all of the recipes on the MMAZ page were made with ingredients I didn’t have or were full of gluten. I found a lot of chocolate containing recipes on my Healthy Indulgence Pinterest board and after much deliberation decided on the Vegan Chocolate Banana Bread from Gluten Free Gus.


I followed the recipe exactly apart from replacing the sorghum flour with brown rice flour. I also used peppermint extract in the glaze rather than vanilla with gave a lovely “After Eight” type cake!


Other recipes I want to try from this week:

You can see my recipe for Chocolate Orange Banana Bites here.

What Else I Ate This Week


This is my “get well” vegetable soup! I made a large batch of this last time I was ill and found a tub of it in the freezer. It had new potatoes, green beans, mushrooms, cauliflower, peas, cabbage and tinned tomatoes in it and was lovely with a dash of vegan Worcester sauce.


This was inspired by the meal I had when I stayed at a hotel in Derby a couple of weeks back. I stir fried some basmati rice, purple sprouting broccoli, peppers, celery and cashews. I used coconut oil in this stir fry and it was surprisingly good! Much better than any other kind I’ve tried (except maybe toasted sesame).


A mixed berry chia pudding made with vanilla Rice Dream milk. When I first gave up dairy I hated the taste of soya milk so for a while I used rice milk in my cereal. I have memories of watery horrible cereal and have stayed away from rice milk ever since. However I found this vanilla flavoured milk on offer and decided to give it a go. It was quite nice! This chia pudding also contains strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.


When I made my Red Lentil Lasagne with Dijon Sauce I had a lot of the lentil mixture left over which I stuck in my freezer. I defrosted it this week and it made a lovely comforting meal mixed into rice pasta with a side salad.


A warming curry made with red thai curry paste, coconut milk, sweet potato, carrots and green beans. I love coconut based curries and I think thai curries are my favourite.


This is a Sweet Potato Gratin which is part of this month’s cookbook challenge. More about this later in the week!


This Thai Curried Parsnip Soup is also part of this month’s cookbook challenge. More later this week!

What have you been eating this week? Were you inspired by this week’s MMAZ challenge?