Fancy a Brew? The Top Five Fairtrade Teas

PrintTea is probably one of the most commonly bought fairtrade products in the UK. We love our tea and we love our fairtrade! Thankfully it’s not too difficult to switch your usual brew for one that pays the farmers enough to support their families. Here is a list of my favourite teas, many of which are available in your local supermarket.

1) Clipper Teas


Every single bag that Clipper produces is fairtrade! This gives you an excellent selection from black teas to specialty blends and fruity infusions. They can also boast that there are no artificial ingredients in any of their products. My favourite flavour at the moment is Strawberry and Rhubarb which is giving me a taster of summer. Clipper can be found in most supermarkets.

2) Cafedirect


They may be remembered for their coffees but Cafedirect make some excellent teas. Their everyday tea is a delicious cup you can enjoy at anytime and their new One Acre varieties are all slightly differently flavoured depending on the region they are grown in. My favourite of the lot has to be the Uganda Bushenyi Hills Tea. Again, I’ve seen these in most supermarkets and also in Oxfam shops.

3) Pukka

VanillaChai-FT_CMYK_NEWWhile Pukka can’t claim that all of their teas are fairtrade, a large number of them are. This is where the fairtrade logo comes in which you can see in the bottom right hand corner of the box. Vanilla chai is without doubt my favourite one here, it’s beautiful in the winter. These are slightly harder to get hold of but can be found in some supermarkets as well as Oxfam shops.

4) Traidcraft


Traidcraft is a one stop shop for all your fairtrade needs and their tea range is no exception. Here you can find all kinds of black and herbal teas and you’re guaranteed to be getting a gorgeous cuppa.

5) Supermarket Own Brand


All of the hot drinks you can buy in the Co-op are fairtrade. This is a massive step and one that hopefully all supermarkets will one day choose to engage with. For now though you can find a fairtrade own brand tea in most major supermarkets including Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Tesco, M&S and Waitrose. This means it’s now easier than ever to swap your normal brew for a fairtrade one!

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are lots of other fairtrade tea companies out there so don’t be afraid to try something new!

What are your tips for a good cuppa?



ASDA’s New Free From Range

Browsing in ASDA last week I noticed that they had vastly improved their Free From section! I usually avoid ASDA and go to Tesco or Sainsbury’s if I’m going to use a supermarket as their Free From range used to be very poor. Any gluten free vegans amongst you will know how difficult it is to find products that are gluten free as well as milk and egg free. It was very refreshing to find that many of the products in ASDA’s new range are free from all three! I have put together a list of some of the products I found which are suitable for gluten free and milk/egg free diets.


In the past I’ve tried some very good vegan and gluten free shortbread so I was happy to find these Shortbread Biscuits that are free from gluten, milk and egg. At only £1.50 they are very good value too!


Pre-made sauces in jars usually contain all sorts of added ingredients which makes shopping for them an absolute nightmare!  These four sauces are all gluten, milk and egg free and are £2 each but currently on offer at two for £3. I usually prefer making my own sauces from scratch but I’m going to give these a go and see what they’re like! Currently available – Tikka Masala, Bolognese, Sweet & Sour and Chilli.


Corn pasta is pretty much available everywhere now.  Some corn pastas are very sticky and hard to get right so I’m definitely going to give the new Penne a try. The Tagliatelle I’m very excited about as I’ve not found a gluten free tagliattelle yet! I used to love broccoli and cheese tagliatelle so I’m going to have to try and veganise it with some of this corn based pasta. These can both be picked up for £1.78 a bag.

As you can tell, I’m very much looking forward to giving these new products a try. I’ll review each one as I try it so you can find out which ones are any good!

Have you had a chance to try any of these yet?


NOTE – I’m currently away at Leeds Festival but will answer any comments when I return!

Review – Georgia’s Choice Gluten Free Mexican Bean Bakes

This month I did my food shopping in ASDA as I was tempted by their newly improved free from range which includes such goodies as gluten free couscous and ready made chilli and sweet and sour sauces. I don’t know if these bean bakes are part of the new range or whether they’ve been available for a while but I was pleased to see that they were labelled vegan on the back of the packet so I decided to give them a go!


After some research I found out that Georgia’s Choice is not a very well known brand but it does have a few different products which are all gluten free and free of artificial colours and additives.  Their products are therefore perfect for those with intolerances and allergies.  Unfortunately these are currently the only vegetarian/vegan product in their range but I’m hoping that they’ll introduce some more!


The bakes are made up of sweet potato, pinto beans, black beans, sweetcorn and red pepper.  They are mildly spiced with chilli, cumin and coriander and coated in crispy crumbs made of maize and gram flour. The first bake I served as a burger on a gluten free ciabatta bun with hummus. It worked very well as a burger and took me back to my spicy bean burger vegetarian days!

IMAG1392The second bake I served with baked potatoes and green vegetables. this was lovely too but out of a bun it was more noticeable that the bakes do not hold together very well.  Not a problem for me though as the taste was superb.

I was impressed with this product and will definitely buy it again! I paid £2 for the packet of two bakes from my local ASDA (I notice you can buy them on the ASDA website too). Find out more about Georgia’s Choice here.