An Apology and Some Christmas Cupcakes



I’m sorry I’ve been away since the end of Vegan MOFO! Last month I took part in another challenge called Nanowrimo where I wrote 48,199 words in the whole of November. Every minute I wasn’t sleeping, eating or working I was writing my novel! You can see my results in the graph below, I’m very proud of how I did.
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Now I’m back though and in a vegan Christmas mood! I’m here today to share some Mulled Wine cupcakes I made yesterday.


Some of you may remember the exciting time I had at the Northern Vegan Festival where I met the lovely Ms Cupcake and came home with a signed version of her book. She did a brilliant talk on how to make gluten free and vegan cakes taste amazing so I couldn’t wait to try out one of her recipes and use her tips. The main tip was that the cakes should be mixed as quickly as possible and put in the oven before the baking soda gets to work. She also said that it was better to measure ingredients in grams rather than cups.


She must have been right because these cakes did everything I’ve not been able to manage up until now! They rose, they had a gorgeous golden colour and my boyfriend said they were the best things I’d ever baked. I used the Vanilla Cupcake recipe but used Mulled Wine flavouring instead of Vanilla extract so they had a hint of orange and spice. I found the flavouring in Lakeland and the sprinkles were in ASDA and were labelled vegan.


I’ve found a new favourite baking book! Have you tried any of Ms Cupcake’s recipes?


Thank you for 2 years!

Today is the 2 year anniversary of Vegan Beckles! Thank you for reading and commenting, it’s been amazing. To celebrate here are some posts that you guys seemed to love the most!

1) Vegan Life – A New Vegan Magazine in the UK!

2) Vegan Four Seasons Pizza with Sweet Potato Crust

3) Bees and Honey – A Vegan Perspective

4) Pakistani Lentil Balls in Fragrant Stew

5) My Journey to Plant Based Milk


Here’s to more vegan years!



Ten Acre Crisps – Gluten Free and Vegan! (Part 1)

I try to stick to a whole food diet most of the time but anyone who knows me will know my one weakness is crisps. I’m a connoisseur of the ready salted variety which is usually the only option to a gluten free vegan in this country. I do often think back to the days when I had a wide choice of flavours, my favourites being cheese and onion, smoky bacon and prawn cocktail. Licking the flavoured orange powder off my fingers afterwards was especially delightful. I was therefore very excited when I came across a brand of crisps called Ten Acre.

Although not widely available, this relatively new brand is available in selected shops. All of the eight flavours are suitable for vegans (even the cheese and onion!) and are also gluten and MSG free. They each have a quirky tale attached to them which you can read on the brilliant Ten Acre website. I’ve never seen such an interactive and intriguing website to advertise food before! A few months ago I was lucky enough to be sent some of these crisps to review and eagerly ripped open the package when they arrived! Here I will talk about four of the flavours I tried but please check back next week for the other four!


The first flavour I tried was “The Secret of Mr Salt” which would have been the one I’d have picked up first in the shop as it’s my old standby flavour! The texture of the crisps is what struck me most here. At first I thought they were rather on the thin side but once I started eating them I realised how perfect the thickness was. They were extremely crunchy and morish and had just enough salt on them. These would be a firm favourite if they were available close to me! I soon moved onto the more adventurous flavours though…


“How Chicken Soup Saved The Day” were amongst my favourites of the bunch. I loved Roast Chicken flavour crisps as a child so these were very exciting. Obviously these crisps are vegan and so contain no real chicken flavour. This makes them the perfect replacement for the vegetarians/vegans who are now being deprived of Walkers Roast Chicken flavour due to the real meat juices contained in them! The flavourings in these crisps focus mostly on the herbs parsley and sage. The flavour is deliciously savoury and remarkably chicken like! To see the rest of the ingredients and read the story behind the Chicken Soup click here.


One of my favourite flavours of crisps used to be sweet chilli (I’m mainly thinking of Walkers Sensations!) so I thought I knew what to expect here. However while Sensations were very spicy to my palate, “When The Chilli Got Sweet” was a slightly sweeter flavour. This meant that the flavour could come through better and you could eat them forever without your mouth burning!


When Hickory Got BBQ’d” was another of my favourites. These gorgeous crisps are flavoured with paprika, cayenne and smoke flavourings and capture the perfect BBQ flavour! Another example of how a traditionally meaty crisp can be vegan!

Please check back next week when I’ll be reviewing the other four flavours – cheese and onion, salt and vinegar, sweet & sour and bombay.

Have you tried Ten Acre Crisps yet? If not which flavour are you most interested in?

Vegan MoFo Round Up!

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has read along with my A-Z of Gluten Free Veganism theme for my first Vegan MoFo. It’s been really fun writing it and I very almost hit my goal of posting every day!

Also, thank you to all the bloggers who have been involved in this year’s MoFo, I’ve got a huge list of pinned recipes to try out and I’m going to try and work my way through them over the next few weeks! I’ve found a lot of brilliant new blogs to add to my reader too.

Here is a summary of my A-Z of Gluten Free Veganism (Vegan MoFo Year 1!)


Vegan MoFo #1 – The month started off with a post where I got to know british followers and bloggers! It’s been really great getting to know you all and I’ve loved reading your blogs.


Vegan MoFo #2 – With my vegan origin story I went back to the start of my gluten free veganism journey and took you along with me.


Vegan MoFo #3 (A – Aubergine) – I shared a smoky aubergine and courgette stew, the perfect dish for autumn!


Vegan MoFo #4 (B – Broad Beans) – How I came to like broad beans in a creamy soup!


Vegan MoFo #5 (C- Calcium) – A useful guide on how to keep calcium levels up on a vegan diet.


Vegan MoFo #6 (D – DS Ciabattas) – I shared a useful gluten free and vegan bread which is easy to find in supermarkets.


Vegan MoFo #7 (E – Eggs) – An explanation of why I’ll never eat another egg.


Vegan MoFo #8 (F – FAQs) – Frequently asked questions and answers about gluten free veganism.


Vegan MoFo #9 (G – Gingerbread Men) – Some gorgeous little gluten free and vegan treats!


Vegan MoFo #10 (H – Happy) – The way veganism makes me feel!


Vegan MoFo #11 (I – Iron) – A quick guide to keeping your iron levels up in a vegan diet.


Vegan MoFo #12 (J – Jelly) – Vegan jelly crystals!


Vegan MoFo #13 (K – Kitchens) – How to share a kitchen and still eat gluten free.


Vegan MoFo #14 (L – Lunch) – Tips on how to pack a vegan and gluten free lunch to take to work.


Vegan MoFo #15 (M – Milk) – My journey to plant based milk


Vegan MoFo #16 (N – Nakd Bars) – A review of my favourite snacks


Vegan MoFo #17 (Observers) – My two babies!


Vegan MoFo #18 (P – Pastry) – A gluten free vegan pastry breakthrough!


Vegan MoFo #19 (Q – Quinoa) – Protein packed goodness!


Vegan MoFo #20 (R – Risotto) – A carrot and coriander risotto recipe


Vegan MoFo #21 (S – Snacks) – Gluten free and vegan snacking!


Vegan MoFo #22 (T – Tomatoes) – A round up of my favourite tomato recipes.


Vegan MoFo #23 (U – Utensils) – My top 5 kitchen essentials


Vegan MoFo #24 (V – The Vegg) – The amazing vegan egg yolk


Vegan MoFo #25 (W – Walnuts) – One of my favourite nuts!


Vegan MoFo #26 (X – Xanthan Gum) – The must have ingredient for gluten free baking


Vegan MoFo #27 (Y & Z – Yummy Zero Zebra Bars) – Some gorgeous children friendly vegan chocolate


So that’s this year’s MoFo over! Check back here over the next few weeks as I work my way through the recipes I’ve accumulated!


Now a quick question… what do you want to see on this blog? I’m going to reorganise my themes this week so if there are specific types of things you’d like to read about please let me know!

Vegan MoFo #24 – A-Z of Gluten Free Veganism (The Vegg)



The last thing I gave up before I went vegan was eggs. I used to love them fried, boiled, scrambled or poached and didn’t imagine what I’d eat for breakfast without them. When I went vegan I tried scrambled tofu and my first impression was not a good one as I didn’t flavour it anywhere near as much. While I got better at making scrambled tofu (for some tips on this check out my scrambled tofu post), it never truly tasted like egg.


Recently I’ve read a lot about the first plant based egg yolk replacement. There were rave reviews all over the internet about this amazing stuff. The price always put me off (£5.99 seemed a lot!) and I was worried that it would contain all sorts of processed ingredients. When I actually looked at the ingredients though I found that it contained nutritional yeast, sodium alginate, black salt and beta carotene. I decided to get a packet to review for Vegan MoFo!


The Vegg looks mostly like nutritional yeast and doesn’t have a very eggy smell when you first open it. Don’t let this put you off as when I followed the instructions and blended it up with some water, the aroma of eggs was definitely coming out of my food processor! The texture after blending is exactly like egg yolk which is quite incredible.

There is a whole cookbook devoted to recipes using the Vegg. Some of the few that caught my eye were french toast, scrambled Vegg and bread/cake recipes. However after some googling I found that many of the Vegg recipes contain tofu or other forms of soya. I actively avoid soya in my diet so these were no good to me!


Eventually I found a vegan, gluten free and soy free recipe for a Vegg based omelette which I made with mushrooms and leeks. It was delicious and remarkably eggy! The recipe can be found over on A Vegan Obsession.

I am officially a Vegg convert now! I’ve also tried it made up with warm water and drizzled over cooked mushrooms and tomatoes for breakfast and it’s a winner this way too. Next for me is a dish of warm Vegg and a plate of chips to recreate the fried egg and chips meal I loved as a child.


Have you got any Vegg recipes to share?


Don’t forget to enter my competition to win some Frank Chocolate Snack Bars!


Vegan MoFo #23 – A-Z of Gluten Free Veganism (Utensils)



Welcome to day 23 of Vegan Month of Food and my 100th blog post! Today I’m using one of the prompts given to us by the Vegan MoFo team – the top 5 utensils I couldn’t live without.


1) Wok

I use my wok for more than just stir fries! This brilliant pan is used in my kitchen for everything from curries and stews to pasta sauces and much more.


2) Tefal Fresh Express

Salads are so much easier to make now that I have a Tefal Fresh Express. This little machine can grate a whole carrot in seconds.


3) Peeler

My mum always peels vegetables with her little vegetable knife but I’ve never been able to master it. With my vegetable peelers I can peel without taking half the vegetable away with it!


4) Heart shaped oven dish

I got this little dish from B&M Bargains and it only cost me about £2.99! It’s the perfect size for an individual portion and it’s cute too!


5) Roasting pan

My roasting pan gets a lot of use, especially in winter. There’s nothing better than a plate of roasted vegetables.


What are your favourite utensils?


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Vegan MoFo #19 – A-Z of Gluten Free Veganism (Quinoa)



Welcome to day 19 of Vegan MoFo! Today we’re carrying on our A-Z of Gluten Free Veganism with Q – Quinoa.

Quinoa is used to replace grains such as rice and cous cous in various meals. It’s little known that quinoa is actually the seed of a plant and not a grain! It is also a protein powerhouse as it contains each of the nine essential amino acids, making it a “complete protein”. I use quinoa a lot, boiling it in some vegetable stock for around 15 minutes and serving it instead of rice. Here are a few recipes I’ve used it in:


Braised purple sprouting broccoli with red quinoa


Chickpea quinoa pilaf from Veganomicon


Quinoa and roasted cherry tomato stuffed portobello mushroom


Quinoa and roasted tomato salad


What are your favourite ways to use quinoa?