My Food Week – Birthday Edition! (20th – 26th May)

Last week I had my 23rd birthday and, as always, celebrated by making gluten free and vegan versions of some of my favourite foods!


These banana pancakes were my Birthday breakfast! I used the recipe from Gluten Free Soy Free Vegan and topped them with sliced banana, lemon juice and sugar. I really should eat pancakes more often!


One of the presents I received last week was the Flying Apron’s Gluten-Free & Vegan Baking Book. So far I’ve not had a lot of success in making vegan and gluten free bread so this was a very exciting gift! I’d already decided I wanted to try making some kind of pizza for my tea on my birthday and I was extremely excited to find a sweet potato based recipe for pizza dough in here. I topped my pizza with chopped tomatoes, mushrooms, sweetcorn and onions.


The left over dough from my pizza bases I moulded into a small bloomer shaped loaf. It turned out perfectly and I just had to have beans on toast the next morning for breakfast!


I tried buckwheat soba noodles again this week and it mystifies me why I keep buying them. They always clump together and are edible but not great. Here’s a quick stir fry I made using carrots, peppers, runner beans, mushrooms, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.

What have you been eating this week? Do you celebrate your birthday with special foods?


Meatless Mondays (Chocolate) and What I Ate This Week (13th-19th May)

I’ve not been well these past few days and have been in bed with some kind of cold/flu type thing. Today I’m feeling a lot better but am behind on my blogging so I’m having to combine a couple of posts! I’ll be back to normal soon!


I’ve loved the Dark Chocolate Meatless Mondays A-Z challenge! It’s one of my favourite ingredients (obviously) so I had a hard time choosing which recipe to follow. Unfortunately all of the recipes on the MMAZ page were made with ingredients I didn’t have or were full of gluten. I found a lot of chocolate containing recipes on my Healthy Indulgence Pinterest board and after much deliberation decided on the Vegan Chocolate Banana Bread from Gluten Free Gus.


I followed the recipe exactly apart from replacing the sorghum flour with brown rice flour. I also used peppermint extract in the glaze rather than vanilla with gave a lovely “After Eight” type cake!


Other recipes I want to try from this week:

You can see my recipe for Chocolate Orange Banana Bites here.

What Else I Ate This Week


This is my “get well” vegetable soup! I made a large batch of this last time I was ill and found a tub of it in the freezer. It had new potatoes, green beans, mushrooms, cauliflower, peas, cabbage and tinned tomatoes in it and was lovely with a dash of vegan Worcester sauce.


This was inspired by the meal I had when I stayed at a hotel in Derby a couple of weeks back. I stir fried some basmati rice, purple sprouting broccoli, peppers, celery and cashews. I used coconut oil in this stir fry and it was surprisingly good! Much better than any other kind I’ve tried (except maybe toasted sesame).


A mixed berry chia pudding made with vanilla Rice Dream milk. When I first gave up dairy I hated the taste of soya milk so for a while I used rice milk in my cereal. I have memories of watery horrible cereal and have stayed away from rice milk ever since. However I found this vanilla flavoured milk on offer and decided to give it a go. It was quite nice! This chia pudding also contains strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.


When I made my Red Lentil Lasagne with Dijon Sauce I had a lot of the lentil mixture left over which I stuck in my freezer. I defrosted it this week and it made a lovely comforting meal mixed into rice pasta with a side salad.


A warming curry made with red thai curry paste, coconut milk, sweet potato, carrots and green beans. I love coconut based curries and I think thai curries are my favourite.


This is a Sweet Potato Gratin which is part of this month’s cookbook challenge. More about this later in the week!


This Thai Curried Parsnip Soup is also part of this month’s cookbook challenge. More later this week!

What have you been eating this week? Were you inspired by this week’s MMAZ challenge?

My Food Week (6th – 12th May 2013)

I’ve had some travelling this week so quite a bit of eating whatever’s available rather than spending time cooking! I’ve also had some really nice meals at home to show you.


I’ve still been eating the boring breakfast of Dove’s Farm Gluten Free Cornflakes! It’s perfect for an on-the-go breakfast.




This braised purple sprouting broccoli was part of my cookbook challenge this month. I had it with red quinoa and some cabbage and carrot salad.



These rolls are filled with smokey carrot and orange salad which was part of this week’s Meatless Mondays A-Z. A lovely light lunch.




Another cookbook challenge recipe here and a delicious meal! This is a quinoa and roasted cherry tomato stuffed portobello mushroom. Again, served with carrot and cabbage salad and a huge dollop of hummus.



This was a beautiful pasta dish using the Creamy Avocado Sauce from Greatist. I added red peppers, green beans and pumpkin seeds to this and it was amazing.


A top meal was provided when I stayed in a hotel this week! They made me a stir fry with rice and vegetables and it was gorgeous! It’s very impressive when a chef takes your dietary requirements seriously and still makes something good.


This is my Red Lentil Lasagne with Dijon Sauce. The recipe for this will be posted on Thursday and it’s well worth the wait!


IMAG1196This must be the best vegan chocolate bar I’ve ever tried! The peanut butter and rice-milk chocolate go together really well and there’s also a cinder toffee type substance in there! A must try!

What have you been eating this week?

My Food Fortnight (22nd April – 5th May)

I’m sorry these have been slightly sporadic recently. Hopefully I’m getting back on schedule now!


Recently I’ve been eating Juvela Fibre Flakes and Nature’s Path Mesa Sunrise cereal for really unimaginative and quick breakfasts. The Fibre Flakes were sent to me as a free sample from Juvela and are the ones you can get on prescription if you are a diagnosed coeliac. They’re very similar to bran flakes but are gluten free. Mesa Sunrise is made of corn, flax and amaranth and is one of my favourites.



We’ve been getting a lot of sweet potatoes in the vegetable box recently! I adore these roasted and mixed into a salad. The one shown above is lettuce, rocket, red peppers, roasted sweet potato and sesame seeds.


This is Wild Rice and Mushroom soup which is part of the May Cookbook Challenge. More about this next week!



You may have already seen this in my April Cookbook Challenge update. It’s the Ratatouille from the Meat Free Monday Cookbook. I served it with gluten free spaghetti for a lovely summery tea.


Another one from the Meat Free Monday Cookbook! This is Aubergine, Pepper and Potato Stew. I’ve made this twice now and it’s lovely.


An on the road meal! This week I was in Oxford for work and had a search around the city centre before going back to my hotel. I found that their M&S was much bigger than ours! This is a Spanish Rice Salad with butterbeans, olives and red peppers. I had it over a leafy salad which actually had flowers in!



This month I got a jar of marmalade in my vegan food swap and was deliberating what to do with it. I came across this Marmalade and Ginger Cake on The Intolerant Gourmet. I used mixed spice as I’d run out of ginger. It was lovely!

What have you been eating this week?

My Food Week (18th-21st April)

There’s been a bit more variety in my foods this week! I haven’t been using as many recipes from Meat Free Monday and 4 Ingredients Gluten Free as I have during the past few weeks. If I’m honest I’m having trouble finding things in those two books that I can make! As usual though any recipes I’ve made from my cookbooks will be in a cookbook challenge post later in the week.



This week I’m back on my rice and buckwheat porridge! I stopped eating it for a while and went onto gluten free cornflakes. I adore this stuff as much as I used to love oat porridge so it was a welcome return. The bowl you can see above will get a full explanation in tomorrow’s Meatless Mondays A-Z post. It’s porridge with blueberry jam, fresh blueberries and a sprinkling of mixed seeds.


IMAG1154This was the first time I’d ever tried fruit in a salad! I wasn’t sure it would be good but it definitely was. Look out for more on this waldorf salad with roasted new potatoes in this weeks Cookbook Challenge Update.

IMAG1146Salad rolls in rice paper. Pretty standard vegan fare but look how pretty the colours are!

IMAG1167This was an “empty the vegetable rack” green soup on the day our new vegetable box was arriving. It includes green split peas, green beans, courgette and potatoes. Liberally sprinkled with black pepper, it made an excellent lunch.

IMAG1172A colourful pasta salad made with the Orange and Mustard Dressing from 4 Ingredients Gluten Free (more about this in the Cookbook Challenge post later this week!)


IMAG1152This is a smokey butter bean stew with courgettes, peppers and chopped tomatoes. Served over rice it was a hearty meal.

IMAG1158This is another Cookbook Challenge meal! Pasta with sundried tomatoes, broccoli and olives. Again, this will be in a post later this week.

IMAG1169This is an asparagus and broccoli salad. The sun has been shining this week and spring is finally here. What better way to celebrate than with some fresh asparagus?

IMAG1176Last night’s offering. Another Cookbook Challenge meal I’m afraid! This is herby roasted mushrooms and colcannon. More later this week!


I made some gluten free ginger cake this week but sadly ate it all and forgot to take a photo! I used the gluten free version from here.

That’s it for this week! What have you been eating?








My Food Week (1st – 7th April)

This week I’ve been off work sick so I’ve been able to spend more time cooking than I usually would. I’ve been trying to relax and weirdly it seems that cooking and writing is the best way to do that! I’ve also been testing recipes from two new cookbooks for my April Cookbook Challenge and I’ve had a small dinner party style meal with my family so there is a lot to talk about!


I found a recipe for some gluten free bread called Damper in my 4 Ingredients Gluten Free. I had it with a thick layer of Chocolate Orange Spread made by Plamil. I’ll tell you more about the Damper in my monthly challenge update but this chocolate spread is like spreadable Terry’s Chocolate Orange. You need to try it!


This week I got some chilli and lime pistachios from Graze and actually resisted them long enough to put them in a salad! I thought the chilli would go well with some creamy avocado and added some smoked tofu, cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes. A really nice and energising lunch!

This is the Roasted Tomato Quinoa from Meat Free Mondays. I had it on top of some lettuce and topped it with pumpkin seeds for some crunch.

It may be spring but I’m still loving soup! This is the Parsnip Soup from Meat Free Mondays.


This is a mismatch of vegetable side dishes from 4 Ingredients Gluten Free. I made Sweet Potato Fries, Lemon Spinach and Sautéed Cherry Tomatoes. For some protein I also made a quick stew made with red kidney beans, peas, sweetcorn, tinned tomatoes and smoked paprika.

My favourite food always used to be risotto so I thought I’d give this Lemon Broccoli Risotto a go from 4 Ingredients Gluten Free. I had it with a peppery watercress salad.

This was a pinterest recipe! The recipe I followed used white beans and kale to stuff the sweet potato. I only had spring greens though and it turned out lovely. I served it with asparagus.

This was a simple last minute dish of Caribbean Rice and Beans from Meat Free Mondays. I served it with broccoli and spring greens.

There will be a post on this later in the week. Today I had a little dinner party style meal with my family. This is the second one I’ve done and it’s so good for everyone to eat gluten free and vegan for the day! This time I made a roasted aubergine and green lentil lasagne with rosemary oven chips and a green salad.


This is a raw vegan ice cream cake. It has chocolate, mint, vanilla and berry layers and is topped with coconut. I made it using this recipe from Pinterest! I’ll include this in the post later in the week too.

I’ve not had banoffee pie in a long time but I always loved it! These are toffee bananas from 4 Ingredients Gluten Free. I topped them with slivered almonds and a splash of almond milk. Delicious.

That’s it! I will be doing posts this week on my dinner party and updates on my cookbook challenge where I’ll go into more detail with the recipes I made this week.

What have you been eating this week?

My Food Week (25th-31st March)

There aren’t as many photos this week as I’ve been moving things over to the new blog and things have been going on at home. We’ll be back to normal next week!

This was the last week of my March Cookbook Challenge. I’ve therefore been trying to try out as many recipes as I can from Veganomicon and Weight Watchers Meat Free Mondays! Tomorrow will be the final update for the challenge and later in the week I will review both books.


I branched out and tried a new cereal this week! This is Alara’s Organic Gluten Free Delight Muesli. It consists of sultanas, sunflower seeds, cornflakes, puffed millet, crispy rice, roasted chopped hazelnuts, chopped dates and diced dry apples. I have to admit it sounds nicer than it is! I found it very plain and the puffed millet is an odd texture to get used to. The muesli isn’t very crunchy at all. I topped it with strawberries and maple syrup to add some flavour. It was a nice change but I don’t think I could eat it all the time! It may grow on me!

I’ve also been eating chia pudding this week but I forgot to take photos! I had a lovely coconut chia made with coconut milk and desiccated coconut. I also had a tropical version with some dried tropical fruits and hazelnuts mixed in.


A hearty bean soup made with a tin of mixed beans, a tin of chopped tomatoes, some frozen green beans and a diced onion. I added smoked paprika to this to make it taste a bit chilli-esque!

Mexican Tortilla Salad! This was my lunch yesterday and deserves its own post. I will post the recipe later this week but let me tell you now, it was amazing.

This is courgette and potato soup from Weight Watchers Meat Free Meals. It was lovely and warming. I’ll talk more about this recipe in my Monthly Cookbook Update tomorrow!


I’ve been loving olives this week. On Thursday I made a spinach, olive and pepper salad and had it with Marinated Italian Tofu from Veganomicon and a corn cob.

I had a pasta craving this week but didn’t have any tinned tomatoes to make my usual sauce. I had a look in Veganomicon and found a recipe for a fake cheese sauce which I poured over Heinz Gluten Free Pasta, spinach, leeks and peppers. I found the Heinz pasta last week and decided to give it a try. It holds its shape better than most gluten free pasta but goes very hard when it’s cooled down (as do most GF pastas). I did like it though and will get it again!

Yesterday I needed a quick recipe that I could cook in the short amount of time between arriving home from work and the new series of Doctor Who! A look in Weight Watchers Meat Free Meals did not disappoint. This is a Mexican stir fry over some pasta that was left over in the fridge.

The final recipe test in my monthly cookbook challenge had to be this Roasted Portobello Mushroom Salad from Veganomicon. More about this tomorrow!

That’s it! A quick post this week but I’ll be back to normal next Sunday. Look out for more information on the foods in this post later this week!

What have you been eating this week?