New Vegan Children’s Book – The Girl Who Could See Stories

I’ve got something a bit different for you today. Gill Torres is the author of a new children’s book which aims to teach children exactly where their food comes from. She is currently working on raising the funds to get this imaginative piece of work published. I’m sure you’ll agree this is an exciting step towards teaching children about plant based living! I have invited Gill to do a guest post today on her new project. Let’s give her a big Vegan Beckles welcome!


Massive thanks to Becky for inviting me to share my new project with her readers. My name’s Gill and I am the author of The Girl Who Could See Stories, a picture book aiming to inspire young children to eat a healthy plant-based diet, free from animal products.

It’s a picture book about Sofiel – a little girl with a special gift. Sofiel can see the story of every person, animal and object she looks at. If she looks at an old suitcase, she can see every item it ever carried. If someone cycles past her on a bike she can see every journey they ever took and if she met you, your life story would open up to her like the pages of a book. One day she looked down at the food she was eating and she saw its past. From that moment on, she chose to only feed her tummy with happy stories.

The story came to me about a year ago. It is quite short – suitable from age 4 upwards – and is a really simple way to explain compassionate, healthy lifestyle choices to young children. When I started researching I realised that there didn’t seem to be another story like it out there, so I teamed up with illustrator Ilan Sheady and set about creating a big, beautiful picture book!3727056_orig

The book can now be pre-ordered online via Kickstarter and all pre-orders will help us to pay for the printing of the first edition. Crowd-funding campaigns on Kickstarter are time limited, so we only have until 16th September to raise enough money, by selling books and some other related ‘rewards’ that we have dreamed up (if we don’t reach the target then nobody who has backed the campaign will be charged). If you like the sound of the book, please take a minute to visit our kickstarter campaign and place your order!