Vegan MOFO Day 9: The Showstopper!

For the finale of Baking Week on Vegan MOFO we’re thinking showstoppers! I was inspired by my Jammy Dodgers from earlier in the week and the cutters I used came with party ring, bourbon cream, and custard cream cutters too. Obviously, the solution was to make a biscuit variety tin!


I think I’m right in saying that Party Rings are already vegan! They’re definitely not gluten-free though so I can no longer enjoy the sugar hit from these popular kids treats. I used a recipe from Lucy’s Friendly Foods to make these and just replaced the plain flour with gluten-free flour. I also swapped the oat milk for my favourite almond milk. These were gorgeously crispy and sweet and the recipe makes loads!

My husband is a bourbon biscuit fiend and he really enjoyed these vegan and gluten-free versions! I used a recipe from Aromatic Essence but swapped out the flour for gluten-free flour.

These were my absolute favourites! My custard cream recipe came from Wallflower Kitchen and again, I just swapped out the flour. Both the bourbons and the custard creams were better out of the fridge as the filling firmed up a bit. The round biscuits at the side of my biscuit tin are made with the same dough as these custard creams.


Making all these sandwich biscuits was hard work but they tasted amazing. I’m now feeling much more confident in my baking ability! I also had a ridiculous number of biscuits to try and eat in a week. Vegan MOFO is making me fat!


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