Vegan MOFO: Bread Day from The Incredible Bakery Company

It got to day 6 and I missed a post. Sorry guys! Better late than never though… it’s bread day! Any gluten-free vegan bread I’ve ever made has turned out like a stodgy brick so I’m always on the lookout for bread I can buy. I’d never heard of The Incredible Bakery Company until a friend of mine posted about them on Facebook and I was so overwhelmed by their selection! Everything is vegan, gluten-free and soy-free! They also don’t have added nasties that you can’t pronounce. Tasty, home-style vegan and gluten-free bread. I’ve tried three of their loaves recently:

The golden linseed loaf was my absolute favourite product! It’s extremely soft on the inside and makes fab toast too! I’m going to stock up on this every payday and fill my freezer for the month ahead.

The red quinoa loaf was just as soft as the linseed one and had crunchy bits of quinoa all over!

The ginger, date and chocolate loaf was beautiful when toasted! It wasn’t too sweet and the bits of chocolate were amazing.

The Incredible Bakery Company don’t just do bread either! They do everything from donuts to pastries! Check them out here.

One comment

  1. Bread is probably my favorite food ever and it’s great that you can find such delicious gluten free options! The ginger, date and chocolate loaf sounds incredible!


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