Vegan MOFO: Lemon Cheesecake Birthday Cupcakes!

So I’m pretty pleased with myself for not missing a post so far! Welcome to day 4 of Vegan MOFO where we’re talking about cake. I am not yet confident enough to come up with my own cake recipes and so I rely hugely on my favourite cupcake cookbook by Ms Cupcake. I once met the amazing Ms at a vegan fair and she gave me lots of tips including not over mixing your cakes and getting them in the oven as soon as possible. Making vegan cakes is very different to making cakes with egg as they rely on the baking powder to give them their beautiful rise and stop them being a stodgy mess.

As it is the hubby’s birthday tomorrow I gave him the book and asked him what he’d like. He chose the Lemon Cheesecake cupcakes and here is the result!

These cupcakes taste absolutely amazing. The lemon sponge is topped with some lemon marmalade and then a cream cheese frosting and some crumble pieces on the top. Heavenly! I also made some gluten free cakes so I could enjoy them too. Ms Cupcake includes substitutions so that I can enjoy a treat as well!

A small tip though… don’t light the candles when you have the cake topper on! I caused myself major panic when it burst into flames and luckily I was next to the sink. Ooops!

Get your own copy of the book here.


  1. Yay, happy birthday to your husband!! These sound so delicious! I love the brightness and freshness of lemon so I imagine these are a perfect summertime birthday treat!


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