Vegan MOFO Bake Off Week! – Gluten Free Jammy Dodgers

Day three of Vegan MOFO signifies the start of Bake Off Week! Vegan baking is hard at the best of times but when you add gluten-free into the mix, it can make things quite difficult. This week I am focussing on some recipes that I have wanted to try for a while and today we’re talking about biscuits.

When I was younger one of my favourite biscuits was the humble Jammy Dodger. When I was first vegan, Jammy Dodgers were completely milk free and therefore I ate them a lot. Sadly in recent years, they added milk back in and now vegans cannot enjoy their Jammy fix. It makes me really sad when companies take steps backward like this, especially when the milk free ones tasted amazing as they were! For a coeliac like me though, all standard biscuits are off the menu and I have never tried to replicate them until now.

Once I decided I wanted to try and make Jammy Dodgers, I googled to see if anyone had tried this before. Luckily I found a recipe at Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen who had also found some pretty amazing biscuit cutters which made her biscuits look remarkably authentic. Obviously, I bought the biscuit cutters and tried her recipe. My biscuits came out perfectly!

I wonder what Paul Hollywood would say about these beauties? What have you all been baking this week?


  1. Oh wow!!! Those are beautiful! I’ve never tried a Jammy Dodger but I bet they are delicious and yours are stunning! Gluten free baking can be so hard but those look perfect!


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