Vegan MOFO Day 2 – Show us your kitchens!

Welcome to day 2 of vegan mofo! Today I’m really excited to see everyone’s kitchens. I love looking at pretty cooking spaces! My kitchen was the main thing that attracted me to this house. It’s nice and big and I love using it!

My favourite new addition to our kitchen was the big freezer we now have. I love being able to freeze leftovers and not waste food! It also means I can fit in as much vegan ice cream as I can eat.

My pride and joy is my cookbook collection. I have been collecting these for years and they are a mixture of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free books as well as some traditional omnivore ones. Every week I take a pile of books and write out a meal plan for the following week.

So that’s my kitchen, let’s see yours!

Happy MOFO!


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