The Gluten Free Pie Company – Yasai Katsu Curry Pie

I live in Liverpool but I’m a Lancashire lass who loves a good pie! I am a huge fan of The Gluten Free Pie Company, a Liverpool based company who make pies, quiches, tarts and sausage rolls. All of their products are Gluten Free and Soy Free as well as Vegan and they make a variety of flavours including traditional Meatless and Potato pies or the more adventurous BBQ Jackfruit!

I was pretty excited when I saw a new flavour on the list and was happy to get my hands on one of these Yasai Katsu Curry pies. The filling was made with aubergine, butternut squash, courgette, onion, mango chutney and a mixture of spices. My pie looks slightly burned as I cooked it from frozen and the pastry cooked faster than the filling. It tasted absolutely amazing though! There wasn’t too much sweetness (despite the mango chutney) and the spices were nicely balanced too! I’ll definitely be getting this pie again. To find out more about The Gluten Free Pie Company and where you can purchase their pies please check out their Facebook page! We need to get behind these smaller businesses and help the owners’ dreams come true. Not a difficult thing to do when the products taste this damn good.


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