A Review: Aldi Sweet Potato Burgers

Aldi are really upping their vegan game at the moment! Back in January I found these burgers in amongst the hummus and olives in the Aldi fridges. I was really impressed that they were labelled both vegan and gluten free so I snapped them up.

I served these burgers on free from seeded rolls from ASDA with potato salad, tomatoes and fried mushrooms. They tasted very much like falafel burgers but with a hint of sweetness from the sweet potato. They didn’t fall apart like some falafel burgers tend to and were a nice thickness too. I definitely couldn’t eat two as they were really filling! All in all they were a nice burger and it’s good to be able to buy things like this easily in the supermarkets. They could be a bit more flavoursome though, I didn’t detect any chilli which the packet said was a key ingredient.

Keep an eye out in ALDI for more vegan goodies. This week I bought some sausages which I will tell you about in a later post!



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