Review: Sainsbury’s Smoky “Jack” Quarter Pounder

As you know recently I have been working my way through Sainsbury’s new vegan range of products. This weekend I found a packet of Smoky “Jack” Quarter Pounders in the freezer and decided to try one for lunch. As I avoid soy based products, I have not yet managed to find a “meaty” textured burger and have to satisfy myself with beanburgers or falafal. I was mildly hopeful!

I left one out to defrost and then cooked it as directed in a frying pan. I then added some violife cheese towards the end of cooking and it melted delightfully. I used a Schar white ciabatta as a burger bun as that’s what I happened to have in my cupboard but it was noway near big enough! These are some sizeable burger patties.

My review? These are the best vegan burgers I have had in a long time! They have a chewy meaty texture and don’t fall apart like their falafal/beanburger counterparts. They are slightly sweet from the jackfruit but also smokey. I cannot wait for barbeque season! These burgers can be found for £2.50 in the vegan fridges in Sainsbury’s. See here for full ingredients lists.

In related news, it has been announced this week that Sainsbury’s are going to be putting their meat free products in the meat aisle rather than in a dedicated vegan section. What do you all think about this? Is it a step in the right direction or will it make it harder for vegans? Let me know in the comments!


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