Review: Whole Creations Roasted Tomato and Basil Sheesy Pizza

The rumours had been circulating for quite a while in the vegan facebook groups… Sainsbury’s have expanded their vegan range. They already have some excellent products on their shelves including the famous “shroomdogs” so I was excited to see what else they had to offer when I went to meet my husband from work this week. I was not disappointed!

Look out for reviews on all of these products over the coming weeks. Today though, I want to talk about the Whole Creations pizza which needed to be used up first partly because it wouldn’t fit in my freezer! Before you rush out to find these products in the supermarket, I need to admit that I was way over excited and did not check the ingredients on the garlic baguette. I saw it next to the pizza and assumed that it would also be gluten free and vegan but it actually contains milk. Just another reminder to always check the ingredients on products before you buy them!

Onto the pizza…

If I hadn’t been reviewing this product I definitely would have added more toppings as I love lots of veggies on top of my pizzas. Instead, I left it as was and put it straight in the oven. First impressions were that the pizza was smaller than I would have expected. I also cooked it for slightly longer to make sure all of the cheese had melted. It turned out to be the perfect size for one but if you were buying it for a family or a couple to share you would definitely struggle. With a non-promotional price of £3.75 it’s also quite pricey for the size!

I have to say though, despite the size and price, I would definitely buy this pizza again. It tasted really good! The base was crunchy and didn’t taste like cardboard as some gluten free bases do. The cheese tasted a lot nicer than the cheese on the Kirsty’s pizza or the White Rabbit pizza and actually melted. The tomatoes were really flavoursome and made a delicious topping. Finally, the basil dressing turned this “cheese and tomato” pizza into something slightly more special.

NutritionalIy I didn’t feel this pizza gave me much at all but sometimes on a Saturday night you just want a quick and naughty meal! See the ingredients and the nutritional information here. You can find this pizza in the frozen vegetarian section of big sainsbury’s stores for £3.75.


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