Fairtrade Fortnight – What is Fairtrade?



If you don’t know already, it is currently fairtrade fortnight! This means two weeks of celebrating the amazing products which look after the farmers and workers who make them as well as being delicious. I’m marking the occasion with 14 blog posts about the where you can buy fairtrade goods and why you should. I’m starting the fortnight with a definition of what fairtrade actually is.


There are a lot of symbols that we look out for on our food and it can certainly get confusing! The fairtrade symbol is shown on the mug above. This is different to organic, recycled or FSC but if your product contains those symbols too then all the better! Fairtrade is also different to Fair Trade. Fairtrade is a certification that shows a food product fits into the fairtrade guidelines whereas Fair Trade is often used on non food products or to describe the whole movement.

Chocolate blue

So now that confusing part is out of the way, how exactly does fairtrade help farmers?

The fairtrade mark means that the fairtrade ingredients have been made in organisations that meet the right social, economic and environmental standards. This includes protecting the rights of the workers and using some of the money from sales of the product to invest in schools, transport, health care and sanitation amongst other things.

They ensure that farmers and workers are paid a decent wage which enables them to support their families even in times of hardship. Therefore your fairtrade chocolate bar really does save lives.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll show you some products that are both vegan and fairtrade to show that you can save the world by altering your shopping ways just a small amount!

What are your favourite fairtrade products?


2 thoughts on “Fairtrade Fortnight – What is Fairtrade?

  1. Great. This is such an important issue. Fairtrade is not without its complexities, but it is a great way to send a message to business that there is a sizeable consumer based that care about the conditions under which their products are produced.

  2. awesome – I look forward to your fair trade posts. I am pretty picky about fair trade chocolate and fair trade coffee. If there’s an option to buy something fair trade, and it’s not $1,000 more — I’ll usually choose fair traide.

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