The Not So Good Life


Up until not long ago my go-to quick and easy food when I was away from home was any product made by Goodlife. This vegetarian company changed all of it’s products to vegan back in 2011, a huge step for the vegetarian industry I’m sure you’ll agree.

If you keep an eye on vegetarian freezer foods I’m sure you’ve noticed that Goodlife have had a makeover. The new boxes are colourful and look fun but hang on… is that cheese?


That’s right, Goodlife have taken a huge step backwards and reintroduced cheese products into their sausages. Their french bean and spinach sausages sound delicious until you find out that they’re full of wensleydale cheese, crème fraiche and eggs. Beetroot sausages are an original and exciting flavour but the addition of feta cheese and egg means they’re not to be enjoyed by vegans. Tomato and basil sausages? Bring it on! Hold the mozzarella and eggs though. Cauliflower cheese sausages? You get the point.

Don’t get me wrong, Goodlife still have two products that are suitable for vegans and one of them is also gluten free. The spicy veg beanburgers with chipotle chilli sound amazing and the picador parsnip and sweet carrot nut burgers with crunchy cashews even more so. Unfortunately I will not get to sample these burgers as I, along with many other vegans, have decided not to support a company that goes back on it’s vegan values so it can make more money from the vegetarian customers. I’m sure their new range will be very successful and the animal suffering involved will be forgotten behind the sound of ringing tills. If you are like me though, you will not want to be any part of this exploitation of animals for the benefit of the owners of this company with questionable morals.


3 thoughts on “The Not So Good Life

  1. Once I became Vegan, I stopped eating any processed foods. It’s cheaper, which is always a consideration, and I don’t have to waste any time reading all the fine print. Of course, I’m a salad eater, so whenever I’m in a hurry that’s what I’ll have, and I know not all people love love love their salad. 🙂

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