My Vegan MOFO 2014!


I don’t know about you but September flew by! Unfortunately I didn’t hit my target of posting 20 times but I did post more often than usual! I spent more time this year reading other blogs and getting involved in the community aspect of MOFO which I really enjoyed. Over the next week I’ll be sharing with you my favourite new blog discoveries and posts of last month. Today though I want to do a round up of my posts for Vegan MOFO 2014.


Make Ahead Monday (MOFO #1) – English Onion Soup

I started MOFO by veganising Jamie Oliver’s English Onion Soup. My version was topped with some gluten free garlic bread and a splash of vegan worcester sauce.

 554414bTop Tips Tuesday (MOFO #2) – Is your stock suitable?

One of the most important ingredients to have on hand when you’re converting recipes is a good vegan and gluten free stock cube. Here I talk about my favourite brand of stock Kallo.

Issue1_Cover (1)

Wildcard Wednesday (MOFO #3) – Should vegans eat eggs from rescued hens?

For Wildcard Wednesday I discussed an article in the first edition of Vegan Life Magazine about whether vegans should eat eggs from rescued hens.


Vegan MOFO #4 – Peanut Squash Stew

A vegan version of Delia’s West African Groundnut Stew was next on the cards. A gorgeous meal filled with butternut squash and peanut butter!


Fruity Friday (MOFO #5) – What to do when it all goes wrong…

A blueberry and peach pie was born from a disaster of a tart! This is how to salvage a dish gone wrong!


Stress Free Saturday (MOFO #6) – Peas, Leeks and Spinach

A beautiful side dish that just so happened to be already vegan in one of Jamie’s early cookbooks.


Sunday Seven (MOFO #7) – My favourite blogs this week!

My first MOFO round up included this beautiful broccoli soup from Stairway to Vegan as well as some halloween treats, cheesecake and a Harry Potter recipe!


Wildcard Wednesday (MOFO #8) – Mushroom, Asparagus and Cheese Omelette

A free from delight here with a vegg omelette filled with mushrooms and asparagus and then topped with some violife cheese.


Throwback Thursday (MOFO #8) – “Fronch” Toast

Here is where I created my new favourite breakfast! I took the recipe out of Vegan With A Vengeance and tweaked it slightly to make it gluten and soy free.


Stress Free Saturday (MOFO #9) – Aubergine, Potato and Pepper Stew

Here I shared one of my favourite aubergine recipes from the Meat Free Monday book.


Wildcard Wednesday (MOFO #10) – The Northern Vegan Festival

My visit to the Northern Vegan Festival in Blackpool included vegan sweets, macaroni cheese and meeting a vegan hero in the form of Ms Cupcake!

WP_20140905_005 (1)

Throwback Thursday (MOFO #11) – Cracked Potatoes with Melty Cheeze

Another Delia recipe veganised to create a gorgeous side dish. Roast potatoes covered in melty violife cheese!

WP_20140912_005 (1)

Fruity Friday (MOFO #12) – Tea Poached Pears in Chocolate Sauce

An adapted Veganomicon recipe – pears poached in earl grey tea with crumbled almonds and chocolate!


Sunday Seven (MOFO #13) – Second Roundup!

My second roundup included a gorgeous looking Banoffee Pie from Veg Hot Pot as well as cute vegan cartoons, green bean casserole, a crumble and a very naughty looking breakfast sandwich!


Tuesday Tips (MOFO #14) – Top Ten Essential Ingredients For Your Cupboard

The ten most important ingredients you must have if you want to convert recipes to vegan and gluten free masterpieces!


Wildcard Wednesday (MOFO #15) – Goody Good Stuff Goes Vegan!

I finished MOFO with some excellent news from one of my favourite brands. Goody Good Stuff Sweets have gone vegan!


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