Wildcard Wednesday (MOFO #15) – Goody Good Stuff goes Vegan!


For the last Wildcard Wednesday of MOFO 2014 I want to share some extremely exciting news! Recently Goody Good Stuff sent me some goodies to try. I was very excited to see their facelift and try their new smooth sweets which are now vegan!

WP_20140924_005 (1)

When I first became vegetarian I adored the Goody Good Stuff range which was all gelatine free and vegetarian friendly. However, once I became vegan an issue appeared! When originally developing the sweets the team had to choose between coating them in beeswax or in palm oil. Palm oil would have made the whole range vegan but Goody Good Stuff were not happy with the environmental implications. They therefore opted for a beeswax coating which meant that all of their smooth gummy sweets were not vegan unlike their fizzy counterparts!

After a long time in development Goody Good Stuff have found a way to make their gummies vegan! Using coconut oil to coat the sweets, they have managed to replicate the classic texture of the gummies you remember eating as a child!


I was lucky enough to receive gummy bears, cola bottles and a selection of their Christmas sweets to review so I have given myself a sugar high trying all these sweets just so I can tell you about them! The things I do for veganism….


The cola bottles are one of my absolute favourites from the range. These were already vegan but I was extremely happy to have an excuse to try them again. Remember the cola bottles from your childhood? These are exactly the same but don’t include any hidden nasties and are completely cruelty free!

WP_20140924_008 (1)

The gummy bears are tougher than I remember the childhood favourite being. These are very similar to wine gums and have lemon, apple, pineapple, orange and apple flavours. Saying that, they are absolutely gorgeous and very morish!

WP_20140924_004 (1)

Are you all ready for Christmas? Goody Good Stuff are ready with their huge tubs of Xmas Trees and Baubles. The baubles are vegan versions of their popular strawberry and cream gummy sweets. Unlike the gummy bears these are super soft and squidgy! The cream baubles remind me of milk bottles and are absolutely my favourite. The stars and christmas trees are wine gum textured and absolutely delicious. I’m hoping to receive another one of these at Christmas!

The gummy bears and cola bottles are available in 150g bags and in a multi pack of 8 mixed bags. They can be bought in Tesco, Waitrose, ASDA and from the Goody Good Stuff website.


Have you tried any of the new vegan range? Are you excited?


6 thoughts on “Wildcard Wednesday (MOFO #15) – Goody Good Stuff goes Vegan!

  1. oh my gosh!!! you hit the motherload!!!! I want GoodyGood to send me buckets of candy! I’ve only had the goodygoods because jojo sent me some of those cola bottles. Gummy candies were my most favorite sweetie as a kid, especially cola bottles – so I was seriously stoked on those. They are really good.

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