Sunday Seven (Mofo #13) – Second Roundup!


Welcome to this week’s Sunday Seven! Unfortunately I didn’t post last Sunday as I was in Blackpool for the Northern Vegan Festival so the following blogs are from the last fortnight. As always please let me know if I’ve missed anything good!


My favourite dessert flavour has always been banoffee pie and Veg Hot Pot finally made my gluten free and vegan dream come true! This simple recipe uses digestive biscuits for the base, dates and almond milk for the caramel and coconut cream for the topping. I’ll be trying it soon!

Chickpea Flour Omelette

Kale Crusaders have been creating some cute cartoons based on vegan versions of classic foods. I loved this because chickpea omelettes are one of my favourites!


I’m loving all of the vegan versions of classic comfort foods this year! Plant Base Living made this gorgeous looking green bean casserole using their own recipe for cream of mushroom soup. This will be making an appearance in my kitchen over winter.


I love a good crumble and this one is full of delicious berries. The topping also happens to be oat free and gluten free! I’d kill for a bowl of this right now from It’s Got Vegan In It.


Veganism has no limits anymore. Fancy an Egg McMuffin? Look no further than Alien on Toast who made their own version using violife cheese, vegan bacon and a chickpea pancake!


Iron is always one of the first questions that meat eaters ask us isn’t it? Glue and Glitter put together this really useful guide so you can ensure your iron intake is perfect.


Weird! Why Aren’t You Vegan? have been doing a series of posts about how meat eaters and vegans can get on better. We all know the sticky situations we can get into with non-vegan friends and this post made me giggle because it’s so true! She combats the meat eater line “I don’t like vegetables” in this post but the rest of the blog is well worth a look too!


So we are entering our final week of Vegan Mofo. Let’s finish with a bang 🙂


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