Throwback Thursday (MOFO #11) – Cracked Potatoes with Melty Cheeze


Welcome to Throwback Thursday where I am looking at classic foods which we used to know and love in our pre-vegan days. Today’s recipe is from Delia’s How To Cheat At Cooking and includes two classic comfort foods, roast potatoes and melted cheese. Need I say more?


Delia is well known for being an excellent cook so this book is very surprising. All the way through it gives you recipes for some gorgeous food that has “cheats”. In this recipe the cheat is Aunt Bessie’s Homestyle frozen roast potatoes. It also contains grated Gruyère cheese and parmesan so is definitely not vegan. Surprisingly it’s very easy to make it animal friendly though!


Firstly with this recipe I slow roasted my own potatoes until they were crispy and golden brown. I then cracked them slightly with a fork before adding my favourite violife cheese and some shredded leeks instead of spring onions. Violife is one of the only vegan cheeses I’ve found which will actually melt under the grill. I ended up with some gorgeously crunchy potatoes with some naughty melted cheese on the top. This has to be one of my favourite side dishes of all time.

WP_20140905_005 (1)

What do you think about cheating with frozen roast potatoes or other convenience foods? Would you rather stick to wholefoods?


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