Sunday Seven (MOFO #7) – My favourite blogs this week!


We made it! We’re at the end of the first week of Vegan MOFO 2014. What a week it’s been! Today I’m sharing my favourite posts of the last 7 days.


Fork and Beans started off the week with these fantastic halloween treats! I think everyone in the blogosphere has fallen in love with them and they are gluten free and vegan too!


Miss Kitchen Witch is doing a Harry Potter themed MOFO and is producing some gorgeous looking recipes. Here are her pumpkin stuffed jacket potatoes which I can just imagine tucking into in the great hall. I also loved how she used the books to inspire her recipes, rightfully saying that jacket potatoes are one of the only foods mentioned at the Halloween feast in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.


On Friday Stairway to Vegan shared a recipe for Broccoli Chedah Soup which was served in gluten free bread bowls! Thanks for giving us gluten free folk hope for comforting soup and bread this winter!

mushroom soup

As soon as the weather gets cooler I crave soups and cream of mushroom was always my favourite. This recipe from Plant Proud  is going to be entering my meal plan soon!


Raw desserts are something I’d really like to attempt more of and this strawberry cheesecake from Veg Hotpot looks just the thing.


Vegan Eats and Treats spoke about noshtalgia this week with their banana pops. I love reading about food traditions in families, particularly when they look this delicious!

Sculpted Cheese Mould 2

Hasta La Vegan has had me in stitches this week with the bizarra and outdated cookbook theme. I loved all of the posts but this one actually looks edible!


Thanks to everyone that has made this first week so fun! Now lets get on with the next one!


Which posts have been your favourite this week?


5 thoughts on “Sunday Seven (MOFO #7) – My favourite blogs this week!

  1. aw, thanks for the shoutout! I really love when other bloggers do recaps – I hadn’t seen almost any of these other blogs (*heads off to open 7 other tabs!*) <3!!!

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