Tuesday Tips! (MOFO) – Is Your Stock Suitable?



Welcome to the second day of vegan MOFO!

My theme this year is making recipes from your non-vegan gluten eating days suitable for your current diet. On Tuesdays I will be giving you tips on how best to make recipes from your old cookbooks both vegan and gluten free.

Often a soup recipe will look perfectly innocent but there is sometimes a hidden danger. Stock cubes can contain hidden gluten ingredients which make that lovely vegan soup very dangerous indeed for coeliacs or gluten sufferers. I always play it safe and only choose a stock cube that is labelled gluten free. My favourites are made by Kallo.

 Here are my favourite stocks:


Kallo Garlic & Herb

This is my all time favourite stock. The sweet garlic, parsley, rosemary and thyme make a gorgeous (but strong) flavour in your soups and stews.



Kallo Tomato and Herb Stock

This one is perfect for pasta sauces and tomato based stews. It adds a little bit of richness and is delicious!



Kallo Mushroom Stock

A mushroom risotto is not right without one of these earthy little cubes! I also use them for mushroom pasta sauces and to add a more savoury flavour to stews and gravies.



Kallo Vegetable Stock

These are your standard vegetable stock cubes that are also available in low salt and yeast free varieties. They add a beautiful flavour to rice, pasta or wherever else you would usually use vegetable stock.


With Kallo’s range of different stocks you can make any stock based recipes gluten free! Which are your favourites?


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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips! (MOFO) – Is Your Stock Suitable?

  1. I’m a fan of Kallo stock cubes too – but always planning to make my own stock from left over veggie trimmings. Looking forward to your Mofo posts!

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