Vegan MOFO plans!


Welcome everyone to Vegan MOFO 2014!

I don’t know about you but I’ve spent the day adding all of the participating blogs to my blogreader. There are some exciting themes out there including bento boxes, Harry Potter and Disney!

As I have a huge collection of cookbooks it was obvious to me that my theme was going to somehow involve getting through these. However I did want to do something a little different to what you usually find on here. I have decided to get out some of my pre-vegan pre-gluten free books to see what treasures I can find inside. I have slowly put aside more and more of my favourite books as I adapted my diet but there are recipes to be found in the old books which can be easily converted to fit my current diet!

Therefore my theme is focussing on books that many people happen to have in their homes before they transition into veganism. I’m going to show you how I adapt recipes to be gluten free and vegan as well as give you a few ideas of which types of books to look out for.

I’m aiming to post every day this year! My daily themes will be:


It can be hard to cook from scratch for every meal but with a bit of extra planning you can have tasty food ready in your fridge for when you get home on these darkening nights! On Monday’s I will be sharing recipes I’ve adapted which are perfect for making life a little easier.



Which vegan cheeses are the best? What should you use instead of bread? Is there a way to make gluten free pasta better than a soggy mess? On Tuesdays I will be listing tips to help you veganise your own recipes.



Some things just can’t be categorised! Check here on a Wednesday to see anything from product reviews to the latest vegan news!



Macaroni cheese just isn’t possible anymore. Or is it? Let’s introduce some of your old favourites back into your diet!



Baked fruit desserts are always laden full of milk, eggs and gluten aren’t they? Not anymore!



If you look closely enough there are recipes in non-vegan books that just happen to fit into our diet! This means some stress-free cooking!



The best thing about Vegan MOFO is finding new and exciting blogs. Join me on a Sunday for my favourite seven blog posts from the week!



I hope you can join me for what promises to be an exciting and hectic month! As last year, I’d like to meet any other UK bloggers so please get in touch!


6 thoughts on “Vegan MOFO plans!

  1. My, you are going to be busy. Just found you via Olives for Dinner. I am not Vegan but dairy free, although we eat a lot of vegan food. I have a few vegan cookbooks, but lots of non vegan books. I am looking forward to hearing your daily posts, especially if we have similar non vegan books 🙂 Rachel from Yorkshire

  2. Awesome. You’ve got some great plans!

    I’m especially interested in Make Ahead Mondays as that’s something I’ve really wanted to do more of, especially as fall comes closer.

    Happy VeganMoFo! 😀

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