Enjoy Life – Soft Baked Gingerbread Spice Cookies


I always thought that our local Tesco had quite a good Free From section until I saw the Lifestyle Event aisles full of gorgeous vegan and gluten free foods! I visited a larger Tesco store this week but was disappointed to find that they weren’t running the Lifestyle Event either. Upon closer inspection though I managed to find some amazing cookies.


Enjoy Life are an American company which produce products free from “The 8 Common Allergens”. On the back of the packet they list these as wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish and shellfish. Luckily for me this means they are completely vegan as well as gluten and soy free! I always find it extremely frustrating when products in the free from sections of most major supermarkets are free from one allergen but packed full of another. As a vegan my main problem has to be the extra eggs and dairy that gluten free manufacturers add to everything. The approach that Enjoy Life have towards free from foods is both refreshing and exciting. I hope that the British companies can follow suit as it makes sense for a “free from” product to be free from multiple allergens rather than just certain ones!


As a huge gingerbread fan I was drawn to the Gingerbread Spice cookies first and they did not disappoint. The ingredients list is packed full of things I would use in my own kitchen (a welcome change from that of most ready made biscuits) so I was hoping for a slightly home-made feel to these.

These are definitely on the more cakey side of the cookie spectrum! Their texture is very soft and not the sort of thing we’re used to in the UK with our crunchy choc chip cookies. I like this about them though as they somehow taste slightly more decadent than their crunchy counterparts. They also have a sprinkling of sugar on the bottom which gives a nice crunch.


The flavour is amazing and is so hard to describe in words! The combination of ground and crystallised ginger gives a very strong and spicy flavour. They have a homey feel to them and remind me of winter months and Christmas. I’ve never tasted such a strong gingerbread biscuit before.


It’s a shame that these cookies are not more readily available over here in the UK. They are currently on sale in selected Tesco stores for £3 a box. Pricey but worth it!


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