Win A Year’s Subscription to Vegan Life Magazine!

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The whole of the vegan community is currently buzzing in anticipation for the new Vegan magazine which will be hitting UK shelves in just a few days! Vegan Life magazine will be packed full of vegan recipes, nutritional information, in depth articles, interviews with vegan celebrities and much more. It aims to “bring vegan into vogue” and will be available in WHSmiths, Sainsbury’s or Tesco store as well as wholefoods shops. It will also be available in a digital format.

I’m giving you the chance today to enter to win a year’s subscription to the magazine starting from the first issue which is released in September. To enter this competition please click on the link below and don’t forget to leave a comment on this post and tell me which part of the magazine you’re most looking forward to!

Enter Here!


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27 thoughts on “Win A Year’s Subscription to Vegan Life Magazine!

  1. Its wonderful to have a chance to win free year subscription, im looking forward to a different vegan receipts to combine sport and food. Sorry for my English and thank you very much for this chance.

  2. I’m excited for the discussions and informative, thought-provoking articles for myself and non-vegans alike. Also I hear they’ll have info on vegan holidays and tattoos, sounds amazing!

  3. 10 vegan cheeses! nothing divides opinion on vegan forums like vegan cheese debates! Fiona Oakes recently said that veganism was not for everyone. Surely if she’s a vegan society ambassoder, this is not really the thing to say!? I would therefore be interested in the article on her, I know she runs a sanctuary I’d be interested in learning about, and she’s a competitor in lots of marathons, etc. 🙂

  4. Hi, I´m tempted to say I´m most looking forward to the cheeses but then I saw that there are going to be some middle eastern recipes, which are some of my favourite dishes to eat, so I´ll go with that!

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  6. Looking forward to sharing the Vegan Kids article with my kids – they will be thrilled to know there are other kids out there who care about animals enough to go vegan.

  7. Why, the recipes, OF COURSE! Cause you ain’t a good vegan if you don’t love food!

    I’m also intrigued at the “Vegan art” segment that’s on the cover of the magazine there. Being an artist, I LOVE to see the ways people are being innovative in the art world! BRING IT ON!

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