Vegan Life – A New Vegan Magazine in the UK!

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I don’t know about you but I spend around £10 a month buying vegetarian magazines. I buy them for their recipes, their articles and the adverts of upcoming new veggie products. Much of what is included in these magazines is not transferable to my diet or lifestyle as a gluten free vegan though and I’ve been dreaming of a vegan magazine hitting our newsagents.

Well I’m here to let you know about a new magazine that’s launching in September which will cater to current vegans as well as helping along those who are trying to change the way they live. Vegan Life magazine aims to “bring vegan into vogue”.

The new magazine will contain some beautiful vegan recipes which will include gluten free and raw foods, making it even more accessible to those with specific dietary requirements. Vegan Life also recognises that being vegan is about more than just the food and so will be packed full of nutritional information, in depth articles, interviews with vegan celebrities and much more. I’m particularly excited for the animal free fashion and beauty pages as well as the tips on veganising your favourite foods.

The idea is to invite everybody to try the vegan lifestyle and enjoy all of the amazing parts! Whether that’s delicious food, increased health or just being a part of the change that we are helping to bring to the world, this magazine will help you along the way.

Vegan Life will be available in print from your local WHSmiths, Sainsbury’s or Tesco store as well as wholefoods shops. It will also be available in a digital format.

As a Vegan Life blogger I will be updating you on all of the news on this fabulous new magazine so keep your eyes peeled. Are you as excited as I am?


4 thoughts on “Vegan Life – A New Vegan Magazine in the UK!

  1. Oh it sounds like a great magazine – do you happen to know what price it will be selling at?? I find a lot of magazines and be terribly expensive – so much so that I have stopped going down the magazine isle 😦

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