My Cupcakes – Pear, Pecan and Chocolate Chip Cake


I came across one of my favourite stalls at this week’s North West Vegan Festival and knew I would end up parting with some money! My Cupcakes is a vegan and gluten free bakery which, as the name suggests, mostly sells cupcakes. Before today I have tasted many a beautiful cupcake from sticky toffee to stawberry shortcake. I can also vouch for their lemon curd (which is to die for) and their giant chocolate chip cookies. This time I approached the stall apprehensively knowing that not only was I on a strict budget but whatever I bought would have to survive the long train journey home.

Then I spotted the pear, pecan and chocolate chip cake. It was beautiful and only £1.50 a slice. The lady behind the stall told me she’d already sold out of 2 loaves and I wasn’t surprised in the slightest. It turned out I didn’t have to worry about getting it home safely as I was hungry on the train home and I’m afraid I chose the cake over the Nakd bar I had in my bag!


I’m a great believer in taste being more important than beauty but this was definitely an attractive looking cake! The chunks of pear were visible and they didn’t skimp on the chocolate chips either. The three components gave the cake a wonderful texture with the almost gooey pear, the soft chocolate chips and the crunchy pecans. The level of sweetness was just right so it was not sickly in the slightest. There was also a layer of thick crunchy icing on the top which finished it all off perfectly. I did hope the pear would come through more strongly but I loved the cake anyway.

Next time I see My Cupcake I’ll definitely remember to look at the other options as well as the beautiful cupcakes and their swirls of creamy icing! My Cupcake can be found at many vegan events. Check their Facebook page for more information.


3 thoughts on “My Cupcakes – Pear, Pecan and Chocolate Chip Cake

  1. My Cupcake sounds like an awesome business, their cupcakes are gorgeous! Pear and chocolate is one of my favourite flavour combos and I can imagine adding pecans into the mix makes them extra yummy.

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