The North West Vegan Festival – 7th June 2014


My Cupcakes proves that veganism is not all about lettuce leaves!

This weekend I travelled to Lancaster to visit the North West Vegan Festival. I’d been looking forward to this one for a while and the impressive list of sponsors heightened that excitement. The Festival was slightly bigger than the LABL fairs I’ve recently attended with one room for food stalls and the other for non food. This was a brilliant idea as it showcased all aspects of the vegan lifestyle and meant charities and animal friendly companies didn’t have to fight for attention amongst the cupcakes! As I had a work appointment in the afternoon I didn’t spend as long as I usually would at these events but I still got to meet some great people and came home with some beautiful things.


I spent a lot of time in the non food room and my first purchase of the day was one of these cute Vegan necklaces! I went for the different coloured beads with Vegan in the middle but it was a tough call. The metal stamped necklaces were beautiful too.


I haven’t fully transitioned into using all vegan cosmetics as I find it very expensive to replace the left overs from my non-vegan days. With the prices of these beauties though I could stock up! The soaps were all completely vegan and palm oil free and the fragrances were magnificent. I came home with a cinnamon bar which was my favourite of the bunch.


Harpers Bizarre was a stall I’ve never come across before although apparently they were at the Liverpool Fair! Their candles are made with soya wax and are 100% animal free as you’d expect but the fragrances were amazing. I used to use Yankee candles all the time but I think I’ve found an excellent replacement! Their scent catalogue is huge and they also sell Bargain Basement candles which are one off designs. I came home with a House of Red candle from the bargain section which smells gorgeously sweet. Check out the rest of their range here.


One of my favourite cupcake sellers, Captain Cakeman was at the festival and he provided me with gluten free cakes as usual! This time I came back with a rose cupcake (on the left) and a violet one (on the right).


 Last, but not least, I found my other favourite cupcake shop! My Cupcakes is a vegan and gluten free stall which sells more than just cakes! I’ve tried their lemon curd, cookies and donuts in the past and everything has been delicious. This time I resisted the cupcakes and bought a huge white chocolate chip cookie and a slice of pear and pecan cake. Look for a review coming soon!

Despite the terrible weather I loved my trip to the North West Festival. It was nice to see more literature and non food stalls available and there was a lovely atmosphere as there always is at these.

You can see the full album of photos on the Facebook page here. Pop over and “like” us!

Did anyone else go to the festival? What did you think?


3 thoughts on “The North West Vegan Festival – 7th June 2014

  1. You make it sound like such a great fair, I have never seen it advertised which is a shame. I too like how there was a food and non food hall seems sensible to me. Those cookies look so delish and so huge.

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