Summer Peaches Gummy Sweets (Vegan and Gluten Free!)

When I first went vegetarian I didn’t realise that I would have to give up my beloved Haribo sweets due to the gelatine inside and the beeswax coating the outside. Once I’d given them up I was already on the search for a replacement and came across a company called Goody Good Stuff. Their range of sweets are all vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free with no artificial colourings. They are therefore suitable for a huge range of dietary requirements and are perfect for children who are feeling left out due to specific diets or allergies.


At the moment only four of the range are suitable for vegans due to the beeswax which coats the smoother sweets. It took the company 15 years to perfect their recipe and they are now looking into vegan alternatives for their smooth sweets. To find out more about this please have a look at the statement on their website.


My favourite of all of the Goody Good Stuff sweets are the Summer Peaches. They are covered in sugar and are therefore vegan but they are not sour as the rest of the vegan range are. The gorgeous gummy discs taste of the fruit salad sweets I used to adore as a child and the sugar reminds me of fruit pastilles! These are a delicious sweet treat and are not like any other vegan sweet I’ve ever tried. Goody Good Stuff are clearly the leaders of the vegan sweet market!


Have you tried Goody Good Stuff? Which are your favourites?


*Note – These sweets were provided as a sample by Goody Good Stuff but these views are my own.*


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