The Benefits of Raw Chocolate (A Review of The Raw Chocolate Co.)

cacao beans

Cacao Beans

Many of us have adopted new ways of eating at the start of this year. For a lot of people this means giving up their little treats but I want to show you a whole new way of looking at your mid afternoon chocolate bar!

Eating raw is one of the best ways to ensure that none of the nutrients leach out of your foods before you’ve had a chance to eat them. I’m sure some of you had some horrible mushy brussels sprouts over the Christmas period and I can think of no better endorsement for the raw food diet. Sprouts are beautiful when added to salads or lightly stir fried when they not only keep their texture, they keep their nutrients too! Raw foods are also helpful to our digestive systems as they contain higher levels of enzymes as well as friendly bacteria.

While the health benefits of raw food are well known (it’s no coincidence that dieters choose the salad over other foods!), what you may not know is that one of your favourite treats is also available in a raw, less processed package.


The Raw Chocolate Co make a large range of raw chocolate bars as well as chocolate covered mulberries and goji berries. They also sell “supreme foods” such as raw cacao powder, cacao nibs and chia seeds.

I bought one of their raw chocolate bars at Christmas and was very excited to try it out. Other raw chocolates I’ve tried have often been gritty and slightly bitter but this was so smooth I never would have guessed it was raw. The Raw Chocolate Co grind their ingredients for three times longer than other raw chocolate companies, leaving the finished product lovely and creamy. The flavour was delicious, a combination of vanilla and toffee that was reminiscent of the white chocolate I used to love as a child and there was no hint of bitterness in there.

These bars are available in Holland & Barratt as well as some wholefoods shops and online. To find out more about The Raw Food Co. have a look at their website here.


Have you tried raw chocolate yet?


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