My Goals for 2014!


The sun has risen on 2014 and everyone is two weeks into their new year resolutions already! I haven’t made new years resolutions exactly but I do have some goals to improve my diet and wellbeing.

1) Whole Foods

I eat a mostly whole foods diet but over the past few months I’ve slipped back into eating more processed foods and fewer vegetables than I would like. For the past two weeks I have gone back to eating whole foods and I feel amazing. I’m working on cutting out convenience foods when I’m outside the house now. I currently eat a lot of crisps and gluten free biscuits when I’m at work!

2) Fresh Vegetables

I recently stopped receiving a weekly vegetable box and started buying vegetables every week. This means I only buy what I need and I can look for fruit and vegetables which are on offer. Last week I found a huge bag of carrots for only 70p which were immediately made into soup and frozen for some cheap meals!

3) Meal Planning

With my weekly meal plan I can get much more use out of my huge collection of cookbooks and bookmarked recipes. I pair it with a shopping list so I only buy the food which I need.

4) Swimming

I’ve never learnt how to swim but with a swimming baths around the corner from my house I’ve really got no excuse. I currently don’t do any exercise which is something I really want to change. I think some regular swimming will help my asthma and my stomach problems.


Happy new year everyone and good luck with your goals and aspirations for the year!


What are your new year resolutions?


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