A Vegan and Gluten Free Roast Dinner – The Egg Cafe

The Egg Cafe is a small vegetarian cafe located in the centre of Liverpool which is loved by vegans and vegetarians alike. It has a wonderfully bohemian atmosphere, increased by the long shared tables and the remarkable artwork which adorns the walls (which is often for sale!). The food is delicious, cheap and plentiful making it a favourite of mine. It was therefore the first place I thought of when me and my boyfriend were looking for food in Liverpool before a gig a couple of weeks back. As it was a Sunday I was extremely excited to find that on their specials board they were boasting a Sunday roast which was both vegan and gluten free! I eagerly handed over my £6 and was presented with this feast.


The Egg’s food is good, homemade and rustic looking. It’s designed to taste delicious and as you can see, there is no pretentiousness here! The plate above is loaded up with nut roast, roasted potatoes and parsnips, mashed sweet potato and a whole host of boiled vegetables. It is then topped with a gorgeous gravy and a dollop of cranberry sauce. Needless to say, I couldn’t even get through half of this plate!

The next time you’re in Liverpool you should definitely check out The Egg Cafe just off Bold Street. To find out more about this amazing place (and see the menu) have a look at their website here.


Where are your favourite places to eat out?


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