Pakistani Lentil Balls in Fragrant Stew

I don’t know about you but whenever I’m at a train station and I’ve got time to spare I always come out with at least one magazine. A couple of months back I took my mum to see the Boomtown Rats in Manchester for her birthday and I ended up browsing the shelves in the WHSmith’s at Liverpool Lime Street. I came across a real gem in the form of a totally vegan magazine! In the UK there are a couple of quite good vegetarian magazines which I read on a regular basis but I’ve never seen a vegan one before so I snapped this one up.


The Tasty Vegan bookazine is a cross between a magazine and a cook book. It contains 100 recipes and many of them are suitable for those of us that are gluten free! So far I’ve tried a couple of recipes from the guide. Firstly I tried the Polenta with Porcini Mushrooms which I ate too fast to take a photo of! It was delicious comfort food though. This week I made the Pakistani Lentil Balls.


The lentil balls were almost like meatballs in texture and were a delicious alternative to dumplings. They were made with green lentils, potato, onion and spices and were fried before added to the top of the aromatic vegetable stew. The stew was made with carrots and green beans and was cooked in a red thai curry sauce. It was a dish that I never would have thought of myself and it was an amazing winter warmer!

To try this recipe and 99 others I urge you to pick up your own copy of Tasty Vegan. Watch this space as I try more recipes from the amazing magazine!


Have you already got a copy of Tasty Vegan? Which recipes would you recommend?


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