Vegan MoFo #23 – A-Z of Gluten Free Veganism (Utensils)



Welcome to day 23 of Vegan Month of Food and my 100th blog post! Today I’m using one of the prompts given to us by the Vegan MoFo team – the top 5 utensils I couldn’t live without.


1) Wok

I use my wok for more than just stir fries! This brilliant pan is used in my kitchen for everything from curries and stews to pasta sauces and much more.


2) Tefal Fresh Express

Salads are so much easier to make now that I have a Tefal Fresh Express. This little machine can grate a whole carrot in seconds.


3) Peeler

My mum always peels vegetables with her little vegetable knife but I’ve never been able to master it. With my vegetable peelers I can peel without taking half the vegetable away with it!


4) Heart shaped oven dish

I got this little dish from B&M Bargains and it only cost me about £2.99! It’s the perfect size for an individual portion and it’s cute too!


5) Roasting pan

My roasting pan gets a lot of use, especially in winter. There’s nothing better than a plate of roasted vegetables.


What are your favourite utensils?


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