Vegan MoFo #21 – A-Z of Gluten Free Veganism (Snacks and a Competition!)



Welcome to day 21 of Vegan Month of Food! Today we’re up to S in our alphabet and I’m going to talk to you about snacks. I also have a quick competition for you at the bottom of this post to win some fabulous gluten free and vegan Frank snack bars.

After a while, eating gluten free and vegan becomes easy while you’re at home and you can cook your own foods. Soon you’ll have figured out packed lunches for work and your main meals will be sorted too but what do you do when you get peckish between meals? Enter any local newsagents or supermarkets on the go and you’ll be overwhelmed with snack choices that any non-vegan, gluten eating person would love. It may seem like there are no options for anybody who is avoiding gluten or animal products but if you look closely you can find snacks to keep you going! Here are my top tips:

1) Preparation

If you know you’re going to be out of the house all day make sure you take plenty of snack foods with you! Many fruits can be popped straight into your bag (apples, oranges, bananas) and others can be carried in zip lock bags (grapes, cherries etc). Raw veggies such as carrot sticks or celery are also perfect for taking as a snack. I buy big bags of nuts and seeds at the start of each month and these can be divided into little ziplock bags to keep in your handbag.

2) Know Where to Look

If you find yourself hungry and without any prepared snacks you can always find something in local shops. Ready salted crisps are a favourite of mine as they are usually made with just potatoes, oil and salt. Fruit can often be found in small shops too. Snack bars such as Nakd bars, Frank bars and gluten free flapjacks are easy to find in wholefood shops and Holland and Barrett. They can often be found in small supermarkets too.

3) Make Your Own

I like to bake some kind of cakes or biscuits at least once a week. Having something sweet in your bag will stop you looking at chocolate bars and cakes with longing and will make snacking exciting again! There are many gluten free, vegan cookbooks and blogs around so it’s easy enough to build up a collection of delicious recipes and ideas.

4) Graze Boxes

If you’ve never heard of Graze you should check them out! They send out a box every week full of little punnets of snacks which are catered to you. You can tell them your dietary requirements and what snacks you like and don’t like so you only get what you want! To try a box for free go to and use the code BECKYM2LP.


Remember – it’s about what you can have, not what you can’t! Even the most hardened meat eaters will be jealous if you’re snacking on home made cookies while they’re stuck with boring chocolate!




Frank bars are snack bars made of dried fruits, gluten free oats and chocolate and come in 5 delicious flavours. They are gluten free and vegan and are packed full of energy and protein. I have 4 bars to give away (strawberry & chocolate, orange & chocolate, double chocolate and blueberry & chocolate) to one of you wonderful readers! To enter just comment below with your email address and give me your top tip for gluten free or vegan snacking. This giveaway closes on the last day of Vegan MoFo (September 30th) and is open to UK readers only.


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