Vegan Mofo #13 – A-Z of Gluten Free Veganism (Kitchen)



Welcome to the 13th day of vegan mofo! For the letter K I’m talking about kitchens – gluten free kitchens specifically! It can be a real challenge for a coeliac to keep a kitchen free of gluten whilst sharing a house with people who eat gluten. The tiniest invisible particle of gluten can have devastating effects on the digestive system but with a bit of careful planning a kitchen can be shared. Here are my top tips:

1) Replace your kitchen equipment and keep it for gluten free cooking only as many materials can absorb gluten. The most important things are plastic or wooden (e.g. chopping boards and spoons) but colanders can be dangerous too. I find it gives me piece of mind to know that the equipment I’m using has never been near gluten.

2) Keep foods separate – especially flours! I keep all my gluten free flours in airtight containers to avoid contamination.

3) Do not share spreads/condiments as breadcrumbs can easily get inside. Label your own tubs of margarine and jars of jam as gluten free.

4) Do not share a toaster as it will be full of crumbs!

5) Baking trays and oven shelves can be covered in tin foil to keep your food safe.

6) Keep it clean! There can be all sorts of nasties and gluten on worktops so make sure they’re clean before you use them.

7) Don’t share sponges, scourers or tea towels. These can all absorb gluten molecules.


It may seem like a lot of work but with some practice your food will stay gluten free. Eventually the points above will just become habit!


Do you share a kitchen with a gluten eating family? What are your top tips?


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