Vegan Mofo #11 – A-Z of Gluten Free Veganism (Iron)



Welcome to day 11 of Vegan MoFo! Today we’re up to letter I in our alphabet of gluten free veganism and we’re looking at iron.

Iron is one of the key things that people worry about when they think about going vegetarian or vegan. It’s also one of the most popular objections that vegans/vegetarians hear from meat eaters. Anybody eating a diet that doesn’t contain enough iron can become anemic which can lead to severe health issues. However, it is a misconception that vegans suffer from iron deficiency more than people who eat a diet including meat and fish.


There are plenty of good sources of iron in the vegan diet including dried fruits, nuts, green leafy vegetables, seeds, pulses, treacle and seaweed. It is important to get the right balance in your meal so that your body absorbs the iron effectively as iron from plant based sources is harder to absorb than iron from meat. Foods with vitamin C are extremely useful to eat with iron sources and can triple the absorption rate in some cases.


Vegan meals can therefore be as good a source of iron as meat containing meals and can sometimes be an even better source.


Source – The Vegan Society


Do you keep an eye on your iron levels?



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