Looking Forward To Autumn



I know summer is a great time for food. Berries are in season and a bowl of fresh strawberries and raspberries are sublime. We consume huge bowls of fresh, crispy salad and get through tubs and tubs of hummus. The weather means we can have picnics in the park, on the beach or wherever else we feel like it. Icy smoothies are heavenly and vegan ice cream the ultimate treat. I love summer but I can’t help but look forward to autumn a little bit more!

In summer it’s often too hot to eat and definitely too hot to cook. Most of my favourite foods demand a little more attention and love whilst cooking rather than the quickly thrown together food that we prefer in the summer. I miss soup and warm desserts with custard. I miss casseroles and vegetable bakes. I miss squashes and pumpkins, cabbages and sprouts.

So hurry up autumn. I’m bored of summer now!


What are your favourite autumn/winter comfort foods?


NOTE – I am currently away at Leeds Festival but will answer all comments when I return!


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