Review – Georgia’s Choice Gluten Free Mexican Bean Bakes

This month I did my food shopping in ASDA as I was tempted by their newly improved free from range which includes such goodies as gluten free couscous and ready made chilli and sweet and sour sauces. I don’t know if these bean bakes are part of the new range or whether they’ve been available for a while but I was pleased to see that they were labelled vegan on the back of the packet so I decided to give them a go!


After some research I found out that Georgia’s Choice is not a very well known brand but it does have a few different products which are all gluten free and free of artificial colours and additives.  Their products are therefore perfect for those with intolerances and allergies.  Unfortunately these are currently the only vegetarian/vegan product in their range but I’m hoping that they’ll introduce some more!


The bakes are made up of sweet potato, pinto beans, black beans, sweetcorn and red pepper.  They are mildly spiced with chilli, cumin and coriander and coated in crispy crumbs made of maize and gram flour. The first bake I served as a burger on a gluten free ciabatta bun with hummus. It worked very well as a burger and took me back to my spicy bean burger vegetarian days!

IMAG1392The second bake I served with baked potatoes and green vegetables. this was lovely too but out of a bun it was more noticeable that the bakes do not hold together very well.  Not a problem for me though as the taste was superb.

I was impressed with this product and will definitely buy it again! I paid £2 for the packet of two bakes from my local ASDA (I notice you can buy them on the ASDA website too). Find out more about Georgia’s Choice here.



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