Pretty Kitchen Stuff I’d Like To Have!

Last week I did a post on the useful kitchen items I’d like to have. Every product in that post was one that I would find very useful in the kitchen. I’d like to take a different approach here and talk to you about pretty things! Don’t get me wrong, these products would undoubtedly be a useful addition to my kitchen. However, unlike the products in last weeks post, I was attracted to them more because of their appearance than their functionality!



I’m not usually a fan of anything that has a vintage design. This Pastries and Pearls Birdcage Cake Stand screams vintage to me but is absolutely beautiful! I’m afraid this is a product which I would get little use from so I’ll restrain myself for now but I’m not ruling it out in the future!


This is actually a product that would be very useful if I had the space to store it. I’m definitely going to be investing in one of these types of mixing bowls when I get my own kitchen. This Mason Cash Red Romantic Hearts Mixing Bowl is beautiful.


How perfect are these little “Made With Love” Measuring Spoons? These do fall into the pretty category as they don’t have as many measurements on them as the normal plastic type of measuring spoon. They are a little on the expensive side but they would make a brilliant gift!


Whittards always have astonishing china and this Alice in Wonderland collection is beautiful. I just want to drink my morning tea out of the green mad hatter mug please!


Are you sick of the owl craze yet? I know I’m not! These salt and pepper shakers from John Lewis are so cute.

Do you go for functionality or prettiness when purchasing kitchen equipment?


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