Baked Tomato Aubergines and Mushrooms (Meatless Monday)

This week’s Meatless Monday ingredient is eggplant (or aubergine if you’re british!). I only recently discovered how much I like aubergines. I used to hate the bitter taste and soggy texture but I always say I can find at least one way of cooking a vegetable that I like. This rule has so far worked with courgettes and aubergines!

The first recipe I tried with aubergine was from the Meat Free Monday cookbook and was a mediterranean style stew. I remade this in my cookbook challenge last month. I also once had roasted mushrooms, aubergines and walnuts which was lovely. For this week’s challenge I decided to make a cross between the two. The measurements in this recipe aren’t very specific as you can add as much or as little of each ingredient as you’d like. Some other vegetables would also go well in this dish. Peppers or courgettes would be a nice addition.


Baked Tomato Aubergine and Mushrooms


1 diced aubergine/eggplant

chopped mushrooms

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

herbs of your choice (I used mixed herbs)

chopped garlic

pumpkin seeds




1) mix the aubergine, mushrooms, tomatoes, herbs and garlic together

2) bake in the oven at around 180 degrees until the vegetables are soft, around 30 minutes (I had to add some water to stop it drying out a few times)

3) top with pumpkin seeds and enjoy!



How do you like your aubergine? Are there any vegetables that you’ve taught yourself to like?


2 thoughts on “Baked Tomato Aubergines and Mushrooms (Meatless Monday)

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