UK Vegan Food Swap (April)

Last month I took part in my second vegan food swap. I want to apologise to the person I was sending to as I sent the parcel really late due to money issues. I hope she still enjoyed it!

It might have been karma but my box arrived late too. It was well worth the wait! Here’s what I got:

IMAG1192I’ve never seen Hummus Chips before but these were amazing. The flavour was really nice and the crisps were a lovely crunchy texture. I need to know where I can get more of these!

IMAG1193These are one of my favourite treats so I was very please to receive them! They’re a lovely chocolate, biscuit and raisin squares that I can’t stop eating!

IMAG1194Good vegan jelly sweets are hard to come by. I’ve never tried these before but they were really good. They were a bit tougher than your usual gummy worm but the flavours were nice!

IMAG1195I haven’t tried these yet but I’ve had roasted broad beans in my graze box before and they’ve always been really good. Looking forward to these!

IMAG1196When I first heard about Go Max bars I bought a few different types only to find that I could only have one of them because the rest had gluten in. I’ve not seen this one before but it was amazing. I really need to find some more of these!

IMAG1197This was an exciting find in my box! I wondered for a while what I could use it for as I don’t eat bread. Then I found this recipe for marmalade and ginger cake! I’ve been eating this constantly for a few days and it’s gorgeous.


Thank you to Debbie for this wonderful box!






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