My Food Fortnight (22nd April – 5th May)

I’m sorry these have been slightly sporadic recently. Hopefully I’m getting back on schedule now!


Recently I’ve been eating Juvela Fibre Flakes and Nature’s Path Mesa Sunrise cereal for really unimaginative and quick breakfasts. The Fibre Flakes were sent to me as a free sample from Juvela and are the ones you can get on prescription if you are a diagnosed coeliac. They’re very similar to bran flakes but are gluten free. Mesa Sunrise is made of corn, flax and amaranth and is one of my favourites.



We’ve been getting a lot of sweet potatoes in the vegetable box recently! I adore these roasted and mixed into a salad. The one shown above is lettuce, rocket, red peppers, roasted sweet potato and sesame seeds.


This is Wild Rice and Mushroom soup which is part of the May Cookbook Challenge. More about this next week!



You may have already seen this in my April Cookbook Challenge update. It’s the Ratatouille from the Meat Free Monday Cookbook. I served it with gluten free spaghetti for a lovely summery tea.


Another one from the Meat Free Monday Cookbook! This is Aubergine, Pepper and Potato Stew. I’ve made this twice now and it’s lovely.


An on the road meal! This week I was in Oxford for work and had a search around the city centre before going back to my hotel. I found that their M&S was much bigger than ours! This is a Spanish Rice Salad with butterbeans, olives and red peppers. I had it over a leafy salad which actually had flowers in!



This month I got a jar of marmalade in my vegan food swap and was deliberating what to do with it. I came across this Marmalade and Ginger Cake on The Intolerant Gourmet. I used mixed spice as I’d run out of ginger. It was lovely!

What have you been eating this week?


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