Meatless Mondays from A-Z (Cabbage) – Colcannon Bubble and Squeak


This week the Meatless Monday Challenge on Better With Veggies was to create a recipe involving cabbage.

I was looking forward to this challenge as I love cabbage but I never find anything creative to do with it! I usually just boil it and mix it with some margarine or add it to stir fries and salads.

I cheated a little this week as I didn’t create this whole recipe. Colcannon is a recipe from the Meat Free Mondays cookbook which I am currently reviewing for my monthly cookbook challenge. It’s a mashed potato dish which includes leeks and cabbage. I changed the recipe quite a bit and turned it into bubble and squeak so I will post it below.



500g potato

1 leek

250g cabbage

splash almond milk

brown rice flour



1) Boil the potatoes, sliced leek and cabbage until the potatoes are soft and then mash well using a splash of almond milk

2) Allow to cool and then add just enough flour to help bind the potato mixture into cakes.

3) Roll the mixture into large balls and then flatten out with your hands, squeezing it together.

4) Shallow fry in oil until brown then flip and fry the other side (the trick to this is to let the potato crisp before trying to turn it over!)


What’s your favourite way of cooking cabbage?


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