Spring/Easter Dinner Party (GF/Vegan Lasagne and Ice Cream Cake!)

In January of this year I started eating a mostly wholefoods diet and cut out all processed food. On top of this I was already vegan and gluten free. I celebrated my new diet by holding a dinner party on New Years Day for my family. You can read more about this here. Everyone enjoyed it so much that it was requested that we had another one! This was an exciting moment for me because everyone at the table were the most avid meat eaters! This time I decided to go a bit further and add a dessert to the meal. Read on for what we had!


The Menu:

Vegan/Gluten Free Lasagne

Oven Baked Rosemary Fries

Side Salad

Raw Ice Cream Cake


I was so impressed with this! Lasagne used to be my favourite food and I’ve been wanted to recreate it for a while. Here I used Orgran Lasagne Sheets which were really nice. I’ve never had gluten free lasagne before but it was just like the real thing. I layered them with a green lentil and tomato sauce and roasted aubergines and peppers. The cheese sauce I used was from the recipe in Veganomicon. It’s a strong tasting sauce but worked really well. To finish it off I topped the lasagne with sliced tomato and pumpkin seeds.

The side salad was just mixed greens in a vinaigrette dressing and the oven chips were made using this recipe. Here’s my plate!


And the most amazing part of the meal? The dessert!

IMAG1104This is the Raw Layered Banana Ice Cream Cake from One Green Planet. It took a lot of work to make this the day before but it was definitely worth it! I admit though that my version is not as pretty as the original photograph on One Green Planet!

This ice cream cake contains multiple layers of banana based ice cream with no cream involved! The chocolate layer consists mostly of bananas, cocoa and a hint of chilli. It was my favourite layer to be sure! The vanilla layer was a more plain layer which was made up of cashews. I reinvented the beet layer as I don’t get on well with beetroot! I used a raspberry juice to make this layer with bananas and mixed nuts. Finally the mint layer was made of avocado and fresh mint. All this ice cream is layered on top of a date and nut base (which tasted amazing). The top is coconut oil, maple syrup, cocoa nibs and lemon zest.

All in all a very impressive dessert. People did not realise it wasn’t real ice cream!


Do you enjoy cooking vegan food for your non vegan friends/family?


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