My Food Week (1st – 7th April)

This week I’ve been off work sick so I’ve been able to spend more time cooking than I usually would. I’ve been trying to relax and weirdly it seems that cooking and writing is the best way to do that! I’ve also been testing recipes from two new cookbooks for my April Cookbook Challenge and I’ve had a small dinner party style meal with my family so there is a lot to talk about!


I found a recipe for some gluten free bread called Damper in my 4 Ingredients Gluten Free. I had it with a thick layer of Chocolate Orange Spread made by Plamil. I’ll tell you more about the Damper in my monthly challenge update but this chocolate spread is like spreadable Terry’s Chocolate Orange. You need to try it!


This week I got some chilli and lime pistachios from Graze and actually resisted them long enough to put them in a salad! I thought the chilli would go well with some creamy avocado and added some smoked tofu, cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes. A really nice and energising lunch!

This is the Roasted Tomato Quinoa from Meat Free Mondays. I had it on top of some lettuce and topped it with pumpkin seeds for some crunch.

It may be spring but I’m still loving soup! This is the Parsnip Soup from Meat Free Mondays.


This is a mismatch of vegetable side dishes from 4 Ingredients Gluten Free. I made Sweet Potato Fries, Lemon Spinach and Sautéed Cherry Tomatoes. For some protein I also made a quick stew made with red kidney beans, peas, sweetcorn, tinned tomatoes and smoked paprika.

My favourite food always used to be risotto so I thought I’d give this Lemon Broccoli Risotto a go from 4 Ingredients Gluten Free. I had it with a peppery watercress salad.

This was a pinterest recipe! The recipe I followed used white beans and kale to stuff the sweet potato. I only had spring greens though and it turned out lovely. I served it with asparagus.

This was a simple last minute dish of Caribbean Rice and Beans from Meat Free Mondays. I served it with broccoli and spring greens.

There will be a post on this later in the week. Today I had a little dinner party style meal with my family. This is the second one I’ve done and it’s so good for everyone to eat gluten free and vegan for the day! This time I made a roasted aubergine and green lentil lasagne with rosemary oven chips and a green salad.


This is a raw vegan ice cream cake. It has chocolate, mint, vanilla and berry layers and is topped with coconut. I made it using this recipe from Pinterest! I’ll include this in the post later in the week too.

I’ve not had banoffee pie in a long time but I always loved it! These are toffee bananas from 4 Ingredients Gluten Free. I topped them with slivered almonds and a splash of almond milk. Delicious.

That’s it! I will be doing posts this week on my dinner party and updates on my cookbook challenge where I’ll go into more detail with the recipes I made this week.

What have you been eating this week?


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