April Cookbook Challenge – The Books!

In March I completed my first cookbook challenge and reviewed Veganomicon and Weightwatchers Meat Free Meals. It was a success and I had a brilliant month trying out recipes!

Before I announce this month’s cookbooks here’s a quick recap of the rules.

  1. I will choose two cook books each month
  2. I will cook as many recipes from these books as I can throughout the month
  3. I will review each recipe here on Vegan Beckles
  4. At the end of the month I will write a review of the books as a whole

This is a brilliant way of getting through the huge pile of cookbooks that remain untouched on my bookshelves! Last month it introduced me to some brilliant recipes such as broccoli polenta and salad rice paper rolls.

The two books I’ve chosen for April are….

The Meat Free Monday Cookbook by Paul, Stella and Mary McCartney

I remember being very excited to buy this book last Christmas. It’s a beautiful looking hardback cookbook full of really nice pictures. I love the premise behind this which gives a day’s worth of recipes for every Monday of the year. It is aimed at meat eaters who want to cut down their meat intake and, as far as I know, has become a very popular campaign. As Linda McCartney is a queen of vegetarian food I’m looking forward to seeing what the other McCartney’s have to offer! This book is wholly vegetarian but not all vegan and definitely not gluten free so let’s see how well somebody with more dietary requirements does with it.

4 Ingredients Gluten Free by Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham

I think it’s about time I start using my gluten free cookbooks! In this book every recipe only has four ingredients (as the name suggests!) which I’m hoping means that it is full of simple but tasty recipes. I’m always one for adding more variety to recipes by adding extra vegetables so this will be quite a challenge for me! It’s a good chance to find out whether food can be just as varied with fewer ingredients. This book is not vegetarian or vegan so I’m imagining there will be chapters I’ll have to miss out. Hopefully there will still be plenty for me to try!

I hope you’ll join me for my April Cookbook Challenge!


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