My Food Week (25th-31st March)

There aren’t as many photos this week as I’ve been moving things over to the new blog and things have been going on at home. We’ll be back to normal next week!

This was the last week of my March Cookbook Challenge. I’ve therefore been trying to try out as many recipes as I can from Veganomicon and Weight Watchers Meat Free Mondays! Tomorrow will be the final update for the challenge and later in the week I will review both books.


I branched out and tried a new cereal this week! This is Alara’s Organic Gluten Free Delight Muesli. It consists of sultanas, sunflower seeds, cornflakes, puffed millet, crispy rice, roasted chopped hazelnuts, chopped dates and diced dry apples. I have to admit it sounds nicer than it is! I found it very plain and the puffed millet is an odd texture to get used to. The muesli isn’t very crunchy at all. I topped it with strawberries and maple syrup to add some flavour. It was a nice change but I don’t think I could eat it all the time! It may grow on me!

I’ve also been eating chia pudding this week but I forgot to take photos! I had a lovely coconut chia made with coconut milk and desiccated coconut. I also had a tropical version with some dried tropical fruits and hazelnuts mixed in.


A hearty bean soup made with a tin of mixed beans, a tin of chopped tomatoes, some frozen green beans and a diced onion. I added smoked paprika to this to make it taste a bit chilli-esque!

Mexican Tortilla Salad! This was my lunch yesterday and deserves its own post. I will post the recipe later this week but let me tell you now, it was amazing.

This is courgette and potato soup from Weight Watchers Meat Free Meals. It was lovely and warming. I’ll talk more about this recipe in my Monthly Cookbook Update tomorrow!


I’ve been loving olives this week. On Thursday I made a spinach, olive and pepper salad and had it with Marinated Italian Tofu from Veganomicon and a corn cob.

I had a pasta craving this week but didn’t have any tinned tomatoes to make my usual sauce. I had a look in Veganomicon and found a recipe for a fake cheese sauce which I poured over Heinz Gluten Free Pasta, spinach, leeks and peppers. I found the Heinz pasta last week and decided to give it a try. It holds its shape better than most gluten free pasta but goes very hard when it’s cooled down (as do most GF pastas). I did like it though and will get it again!

Yesterday I needed a quick recipe that I could cook in the short amount of time between arriving home from work and the new series of Doctor Who! A look in Weight Watchers Meat Free Meals did not disappoint. This is a Mexican stir fry over some pasta that was left over in the fridge.

The final recipe test in my monthly cookbook challenge had to be this Roasted Portobello Mushroom Salad from Veganomicon. More about this tomorrow!

That’s it! A quick post this week but I’ll be back to normal next Sunday. Look out for more information on the foods in this post later this week!

What have you been eating this week?


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