Product Review – Merchant Gourmet Puy Lentils with Porcini Mushrooms and Thyme

Today I have a quick product review for you guys! A few weeks ago when I was in Tesco (I didn’t have a lot of choice on the day due to a very poorly cat!) I came across two packets of Puy Lentils made by Merchant Gourmet. I bought them both thinking they would be a good addition to salads. So far I’ve only tried the Porcini Mushrooms and Thyme.661

Although I never bother looking at the nutritional value of food much (apart from protein, iron and calcium) one package of these lentils contains 296 calories and 7g of fat. They also contain 18g of protein which is what I’m looking for when it comes to a food like this as I’m constantly getting hungry! However they are quite high in salt which may be something to watch out for.

The lentils are ready to eat but I wasn’t sure I’d like them cold so I followed the instructions on the back of the packet and stuck them in the microwave for one minute. I had half of the packet with quinoa and carrot salad for lunch and the rest with my tea of cornmeal crusted brussel sprouts and roast potatoes (more about this later in the week!).

IMAG1034Quinoa and Puy Lentils topped with a carrot and kohl rabi salad

IMAG1035Puy Lentils (at the bottom of the photo) with roasted potatoes, cornmeal brussel sprouts and carrot salad

I wasn’t sure if I’d like these but they tasted amazing. They were very rich and hearty and reminded me of a savoury pie filling. They went well with quinoa and carrot salad and the different textures made a lovely lunch which kept me full for ages. The remainder went extremely well with the odd assortment of foods I had for my tea. They specifically went well with the roast potatoes!

I’ll definitely be buying these again. In my head I have visions of them in a little dish topped in mashed potato for a wonderful cottage style pie! I found these in the dried pulses section of Tesco for £1.99 but you can also find them here on the Merchant Gourmet website.

Have you ever tried these or any other products from the range?


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