My Food Week (4th – 10th March)

I now have a better record of what I’m eating thanks to My Fitness Pal (my profile is here) so hopefully my weekly food week will be more detailed and accurate. My Fitness Pal allows me to track my protein, iron and calcium levels which has turned out to be very helpful this week and hopefully in the long term will allow me to make better food choices. It also means I can track how much liquid I am drinking (something I’m often bad at doing!) so I will include that at the end.



I’ve had the chance to have a couple of cooked breakfasts this week which is a luxury I save for my days off work! The breakfast above is fried smoked tofu slices with mushrooms and baked beans. This was a filling meal which was high in iron, protein and calcium! The tofu is great for calcium, something I didn’t know before. Now I have even more reason to eat one of my favourite foods!

This morning I made a potato and mushroom hash which I shared with my mum for her mother’s day breakfast. I fried cubed and boiled potatoes, mushrooms, peppers and garlic and served it with baked beans.


I have finally discovered the joys of chia pudding. I know bloggers all over the internet have been raving about it but I put off trying it for two reasons. To be honest I thought the pictures always looked a bit like frogspawn which is not the most appetising food! The price of chia seeds also put me off (around £6 for a bag from my local wholefoods shop). I bit the bullet and tried it this week and I’m so glad I did. The price is not an issue because only around 2 tablespoons of seeds are used at once which means my bag will last me a while. The frogspawn aspect still put me off until I had my first mouthful. The texture is creamy and lovely! I love how I can put it in the fridge at night and the next morning a refreshing and nutritious breakfast is waiting for me with little preparation needed. I’ve been playing around with flavours and this week have had banana peanut butter, chocolate orange, apple pie and strawberry, almond + clementine (pictured above). I will do a whole post on chia puddings soon I promise!


I have to admit I’m not great at remembering to take photos of my lunches as I’m usually too hungry!


This is leftover roasted vegetable paella (see further into this post!) with chopped tomatoes and avocado. I’m extremely addicted to tomatoes at the moment and they only get better as the weather gets warmer!


Following my monthly cook book food challenge I searched through my Weight Watchers Meat-Free Meals for lunch on Thursday. I came across a carrot and sunflower seed salad that looked pretty good and served it in rice paper rolls (another of my new addictions!) with a good dollop of hummus.



Another Weight Watchers Meat-Free Meals recipe! This is aubergine madras which was lovely and warming after a cold day walking around Southport.


You may see a theme here. I’ve had a few aubergines to use up this week and took to the challenge with my two trusty monthly cookbooks! The stew shown above is Tomato and Roasted Aubergine Stew with Chickpeas from Veganomicon. I’ll talk more about this recipe in the monthly challenge update tomorrow but I just want to mention the amazing ingredient that is smoked paprika. I don’t know where this has been for my whole life but it is the most amazing spice I’ve ever tasted!


Another recipe including smoked paprika! This is the first recipe I tried out of my Weight Watchers Meat-Free Meals book – Paella with Roasted Vegetables. The vegetables used here were red onion, fennel and purple sprouting broccoli.


I mentioned this soup last week but enjoyed it again from my food flask when I had to stay in work late. This is Italian Lentil Soup from here.


This week I’ve tried a few new snacks. The first being some new peanuts made by Walkers. I used to love Sensations crisps so when I found Sensations Tuscan Sun Ripened Tomato and Basil Peanuts I had to get a bag! They are heavenly, just the right amount of flavour and surprisingly few ingredients (just peanuts, tomato powder, basil, salt and sugar). I urge you to try them.

The other snacks I’m going to mention are from Graze. This week I had Habas Tapas which is corn, jumbo corn and broad beans flavoured with chilli. It was crunchy, spicy and delicious! I also had Garden of England which was dried apple, blackcurrant and strawberries. I enjoyed this but the blackcurrants were a bit sour for my taste. You can try your very own Graze box for free by using the code BKX8LVV.


I think my water drinking is getting better slowly! Here is the number of cups I drank for each day this week.

Monday – 4

Tuesday – 5

Wednesday – 4

Thursday – 5

Friday – 6

Saturday – 4

So there was a slight increase as the week went on! I could do better though.

That’s everything! What have you been eating this week? Do you struggle to drink enough water?


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